Zoom just added new AI-powered features, here’s what they do

Zoom is also adding an AI-powered auto-framing system called Intelligent Director to its Zoom Room system. This one is based on a multi-camera setup and chooses the best camera angle to capture a person in a video conference. The company says it paves the way for a “fairer meeting experience for remote and in-person attendees.” Interestingly, Zoom borrows the idea of ​​huddles from Slack, which itself introduced video chats in huddles last year, which are very similar to Zoom. Introduced earlier today, Zoom Huddles is a video-centric virtual workspace with a healthy dose of collaboration.

Zoom also wants to offer its own email inbox and calendar so users don’t have to jump between the video calling platform and other apps. The result of that ambition is Zoom Mail, now available to all users as a client that can connect to your existing Gmail or Microsoft inbox. Additionally, if you want Zoom’s own email service, the company also offers something called Zoom Mail Service with its own hosting, but it’s limited to paid customers only. Then there’s Zoom Calendar, which lives in the main sidebar and aims to replace the Microsoft and Google rivals that are currently part of your workflow.

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