Where to stay in Bendigo? the best hotels and neighborhoods

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Decide where to stay Bendigo is not as easy as it seems. The wonderful city has beautiful historical architecture and magnificent nature. That’s why I think you should spend at least a couple of nights in the city. In fact, Bendigo has some of the best hotels and restaurants in the area.

The former mining town bears witness to the famous gold rush that built the country. Today it is a magnet for tourists Melbourne and the rest of the country. Australians love it. It’s true that you won’t find many foreign tourists in Bendigo. It’s still pretty much under the radar.

That said, Bendigo is a leafy city of quiet neighborhoods and welcoming locals. Life here has a different course. You can actually get to know the locals. All you have to do is share a beer or coffee. I have been in the area countless times and have all the information you need.

Where to stay in Bendigo?

Best places to stay in Bendigo

City Center – CBD

Best place to stay in Bendigo in the city center or CBD:. I’m talking about the area south of Bernard Street, north of Myers Street, east of View Street and west of Baxter Street. The best luxury hotels in Bendigo are here. The city hall was also established in 1859.

Victorian architecture lines the city’s main thoroughfare, Pall Mall. The City Art Gallery is housed inside the 1887 former Bendigo Post. The 1921 Military Museum is one block east. From 19 Rosalind Parkth Dar is in Pall Mall. The massive 1897 park features statues, ponds and children’s games.

The best hotels in the city center.

Hotel Shamrock

My favorite hotel in Bendigo is historic Shamrock. The original 1864 hotel was completely rebuilt in 1897. It is located in Pall Mall opposite the park. The best rooms have a spa and a balcony with a view. The hotel bar is a popular meeting point in the city.

Ernest Bendigo Hotel

Hotel Ernest The only 5 star hotel in Bendigo. It was once the Merchant Banking Company of 1864. The hotel is located in the park, next to the statue of Queen Victoria. The rooms are large and extra plush. You are going to love the sun terrace and garden.

Bendigo CBD

Around the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

It Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is massive. In fact, it is one of the largest temples in Australia. It’s also the best area to stay in Bendigo if you’re looking for peace. It is a low-rise residential area with tall trees. You can walk to the center in less than 15 minutes.

The construction of the temple began in 1897 and was completed in 1977. If you think the temple looks impressive from the outside, wait until you get inside. The ship is 246 feet (75 m) long and 79 feet (24 m) high. The huge pipe organ dates from 1905. I love the garden next to the church.

Bendigo Presbyterian Church is one block west. St. John’s Cathedral was built in 1874, but the fire destroyed it. The tall brick cathedral we can see today is from 1897. The front temple is from 1955. On the opposite corner is the 1855 Forest Street Uniting Church.

The best hotels around the Cathedral.

Best Western Cathedral Motor Inn

It Best Western Cathedral Motor Inn facing the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. So it’s very quiet. The hotel has a garden with a barbecue area and free laundry facilities. The best rooms overlook Wattle Square and the cathedral. Their family rooms are great value for money.

City center motel

I love simple rooms City center motel. The best ones are huge and have fantastic balconies with views. The hotel has free parking. You won’t get a better deal on a private en-suite than here. You can quickly walk to the center.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

By Central Deborah Gold Mine

Bendigo was a forgotten sheep outpost until gold was discovered in the 1850s. At that time the town was called Sandhurst. The city’s fortunes changed dramatically and it received its new name in 1891. Money from the gold mines built the magnificent colonial architecture that is found throughout the city.

It Central Deborah Gold Mine One of Bendigo’s most popular attractions and one of the best places to stay. You can walk through a real underground mine. There is a cool gold museum with original cars and a tower you can climb. It opens daily from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

I highly recommend riding the historic tram. It connects the Central Deborah gold mine north of the city with the Bendigo Joss House Temple. Original 19:00th and the trams of the beginning of the 20th century stop 4 times on the way. You can see the whole city and learn about its history.

The best hotels in Central Deborah Gold Mine.

Downtown Deborah Motel

You can’t get any closer to a mine than a mine Downtown Deborah Motel. The recently renovated property is located near the mine. It’s on the main street but the triple glazed windows make it super quiet. Queen rooms are large and have fully equipped kitchens. Free parking.

National Hotel Complex Bendigo

It National Hotel Complex Bendigo is ahead. I love her heated pool and hot tub. They have rooms, family suites, apartments and cottages. All are comfortable and large. The hotel has a popular bar and restaurant with pool tables and a large garden where you can meet the locals.

Central Deborah Gold Mine

Near Lake Verona

My favorite place in Bendigo Lake Verona. The lakeside area north of Bendigo is the place to be if you love nature. The lake is approximately 1 mile (1.7 km) from downtown. Therefore, you can walk there in 15 minutes. You can also take buses and trams.

It’s a lovely walk south along Bendigo Creek. Around the lake there is a park with walking paths, cycle paths and games for children. The Bendigo Tennis Center is south of the park. The Weeroona Oval Sports Center North. Locals flock to the area to socialize and exercise.

You can walk around the lake. From the lake, walk north to Bendigo Joe’s House Temple. The Chinese community who migrated to Bendigo during the gold rush built the temple in the 1870s. Continue walking north along Bendigo Creek until you reach the cemetery. The surroundings are natural bush.

The best hotels near Lake Verona.

Julie-Anna, Bendigo

It Julie Anna offers the best accommodation near Lake Weeroona in Bendigo. The 4-star property overlooks the garden. It has a huge garden and on-site parking. All rooms are large and have an outdoor seating area. The hotel has a restaurant and an outdoor swimming pool.

Tea House Motor Inn

I love the solar heated outdoor pool and hot tub Tea House Motor Inn. The hotel is located in front of the lake and has a huge garden with lounges. It also has free laundry facilities and barbecue facilities. All rooms are plush. Some have bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens.

Lake Weeroona

Near the train station

Bendigo Railway Station is located a short walk from the center. A fire destroyed the original 1864 station. The one we can see today is a reconstruction from 1965. You’ll find cheap accommodation in Bendigo CBD next to the station. The area is safe, there are restaurants and shops.

In fact, it is home to the city’s largest shopping mall. Bendigo’s Market Place is a medium-sized shopping center with a food court and supermarket. Kids and adults alike love the Discovery Science and Technology Center next to the station. The area south of the station is a quiet neighborhood with parks.

Local families meet in Palmerson Square. Ewing Park is a large sports complex. Walk north to Loddon Mall Uniting Presbyterian Church. St. Andrew’s Uniting Church of 1870 is located next door. Walk east to St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral. The massive Gothic building dates from 1868, although the bell tower is from 1873.

The best hotels near the railway station.

Brougham Arms Hotel

The best hotel near the railway station Brougham Arms. The hotel is located next to Ewing Park. Therefore, you can quickly walk to the center. All units have a fully equipped kitchen and lounge area. The hotel has a restaurant and free parking.

Bendigo Backpackers

Private rooms in: Bendigo Backpackers are great value for money. The hostel has 6 bedrooms and two bathrooms. You can use the shared kitchen, lounge and garden with picnic area. You can park for free! It’s the cheapest accommodation you’ll find in Bendigo CBD.

Bendigo Train Station

How long to stay in Bendigo?

There are plenty of things to do and see in Bendigo to keep you entertained for weeks. Last time I went there I spent a whole week and never had a dull moment. Meanwhile, Bendigo is perfect for disconnecting, relaxing and doing nothing.

However, we all have time constraints and a big world to explore. So you’re probably wondering how many days you need to cover the basics in Bendigo. I think you should spend at least one night in the city. You will see most of the sights and spend the night with the locals.

If you have more time, I recommend going to Ballarat. Ballarat is bigger than Bendigo, but still a small town. You can go to two places by train on day trips from Melbourne. However, you should spend at least one night there Ballarat or Bendigo? to fully enjoy them.

Shamrock Hotel

Moving in Bendigo

To be honest, I’m not a fan of cars. This is why I love Bendigo so much. The city is perfect to walk. Since most of the attractions are nearby, you can go from one to another in no time. Besides, there is not much traffic and there are sidewalks and lights everywhere.

You can visit Bendigo all year round. Remember to have a jacket and umbrella in winter and a hat and sunscreen in summer. Cycling is another great option. There are international scooter and bike sharing services in the city. There are also several bicycle rental shops in the center.

Bendigo has an efficient public transport system with buses and trams. You must buy your Myki card at the station and use it on every bus or tram. The same card is valid in Melbourne. You can go to Bendigo by train from the center of Melbourne in 2 hours.

Bendigo Tram

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