When is Justin Verlander expected to return from injury? Predicting the New York Mets ace’s recovery timeline

Justin Verlander signed a two-year contract with the New York Mets, making him the highest-paid pitcher (according to AAV) in MLB history, along with his new teammate Max Scherzer. However, he has yet to make a regular season start for the team.

He was placed on the injured list on Opening Day with a low-grade strain. There’s no firm timetable yet, but the injury rumors suggest it won’t be a terribly long game.

Justin Verlander will be placed on IL with a low-grade teres major strain. He will continue to throw at moderate intensity and we will resume in a week. We will provide an update at that time.

“Justin Verlander will be placed on IL with a low-grade strain,” the Mets tweeted. “He’ll continue to throw at a moderate intensity and we’ll be back in a week. We will provide an update at that time.”

He is due for a scan tomorrow as it is one week since his initial diagnosis. The Mets and Verlander will have a better idea of ​​when he might return then.

Verlander’s injury is classified as a low-grade strain, which is good news for the Mets and their prized offseason acquisition. A lower grade indicates lower severity.

Justin Verlander is in IL
Justin Verlander is in IL

Severe strains can take up to three months to heal, but since it’s low grade, that’s probably an overly pessimistic view. Even in a worst-case scenario, it looks like Verlander will be back in a few months.


A scan tomorrow will reveal where he is and how far he’s recovered, so Mets fans are no doubt waiting with bated breath for news.

Since he’s only on a two-year contract, every month he misses is a significant chunk of his tenure with the Mets.

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