What ‘Scream VI’ Producers Believe Project X Helped Sequel Kill at the Box Office

If anyone still needed proof of the revival of the iconic Scream franchise was a great idea that audiences wanted, they should look at the opening weekend box office for the sixth film.

Scream VI: It grossed $44.5 million between Thursday previews and Sunday night, a new high for the franchise and nearly $15 million more than the previous film’s January 2022 debut. A box office performance like this on the opening weekend is now more important than ever.

“In today’s world, multiples are increasingly difficult to achieve at high levels, so the opening weekend is exponentially more important for any film,” opined William Sherak, CEO of Project X Entertainment. Scream and: Scream VI:the producers of “It used to be that audiences had ten weeks to find a film and your multiple would stay high for a long time. That window has become much shorter, so your opening weekend becomes much more important.”

“Interestingly,” added CEO Paul Neinstein, “I think there’s an opportunity to shrink a little bit in that window, and I think just from a financial engineering standpoint, maybe some of the things you’re giving up by not giving. Having a very long exclusivity window, you’re going to see something work more in these other windows, which is kind of exciting.”

Describing it as a “natural transition for business”, he added that the industry can be slow to embrace change. “I think that’s the nature of our business, but it will be interesting to watch for filmmaking in general, not just Scream and what we do,” he explained.

Sherak, Neinstein, and Project X Chief Content Officer James Vanderbilt, who also wrote: Scream VI: and last year Screamknew they had to make big creative swings that paid off.

“I never expect anything, but it’s great to see people react the way they are,” he admitted. “We tried something different for the opening sequence, and when you do a big swing like that, you’re nervous that it’s not going to come down. People saying such nice things about that part of the movie is exciting and encourages you to change. cases are treated”.

Sherac, one of the co-founders of Mini’s major production company, added that the early response made it even more exciting for them to go from theater to theater in Los Angeles on opening night to see the audiences watching it. The trio had a carefully planned route through the city that allowed them to hit several spots.

“We talk a lot about windows and this and that and content, but at the end of the day we’re making movies for an audience,” Vanderbilt explained. “These people want to spend two hours in a dark theater, forget about their lives and have fun. When you start hearing how those people enjoy your blood, sweat and tears, it’s the most incredible validation. “

The trio, industry veterans whose friendship and past experience led them to form Project X, firmly believe that Scream VI:Its innovative and extensive marketing campaign played a significant role in the film’s success. It was a promotional program that exceeded their own expectations.

“The other fun thing about this particular movie is the number of texts I’ve gotten with pictures of the marketing materials,” Neinstein revealed. “That’s what studios are good at. When those marketing and promotion teams have something they believe in, they’re firing on all cylinders, and it’s fun to watch.”

“I was talking to William earlier and he said it’s been a long time since they’ve been able to get movies like this, but the theatrical market is coming back.”

“For people in my life who are outside of the movie business to keep sending me pictures and messages like, ‘Oh my God, this is what I saw here,’ it’s a really fun thing.” For Neinstein, that means this film has the kind of resonance you hope for, but “you don’t see in every campaign.”

In a highly effective campaign, people were hired to dress like this Scream the killer Ghostface and hit the streets of US cities. Some cases even resulted in members of the public in Sonoma, California calling 911.

The Sonoma Police Department confirmed in a statement that on the morning of Monday, February 27, 2023, their dispatch center received “multiple calls for service regarding 1st St. E/E Napa St. Scream “This individual was contacted and hired by Paramount
promote new Scream movie Thank you all for your concern. A reference has been made.”

But the campaign was more than gimmicks or brand tie-ins for burger pop-ups and TV shows like: Reno 911!, plus a live experience in Santa Monica with props from the movie. In London, England, New York’s traditional yellow cabs appeared, with Ghostface sitting in the back.

“It started with the last film, realizing how much fun the film could be, coupled with its box office success. This time the whole machine understood what this is,” said Sherak, emphasizing the uniqueness of the situation. “It’s not often that the studio releasing the film isn’t involved in the original franchise, so understanding the film and the franchise was a learning experience for everyone.”

“Paramount distributed Scream, and everyone got it; it was successful even though it happened during a pandemic, but the gloves came off with this one. This time, we’ve all been involved from day one.”

He remembered that day, about ten weeks ago Scream VI:, when they revised the program. “It was a meeting where you sit around a 75-person conference room table and they slide everything they’re going to do,” the producer described. “We used to say: “Oh wow! Not only did everyone get it, they enjoyed the movie and were excited about it. They have a relationship with us this time. It was the whole thing and you see it. there. They did a great job. I can’t give him enough credit.

So where do they go from here?

“I go the other way, that is, every time opportunities show you other opportunities,” Sherak announced. “These people are really good at what they do. I know for sure that some of the things the Guerrilla Marketing team learned on this one have been put in their back pocket in case we’re lucky enough to do another one. Scream movie Honestly, if they keep letting us make them, we will. They’re fun to do and we’re happy.”

Thrilled with success Scream and now Scream VI:2023 will be a year of further growth for the company. A number of projects are scheduled to be announced, as well as an action series Night manager will premiere on Netflix
Thursday, March 23, 2023

“As a company, we’ve shown that we’re not bad people to work with, and we can do anything within the system, and it’s not easy,” Neinstein added. “Because of that, more things are coming to you, doors are opening and people are saying, “Oh right, you guys have been doing this for a very long time, not together.” We’re good at helping to solve problems, which makes it easier because it’s hard to do something.”

“It proves that we can do what we set out to do,” Sherak added.

Vanderbilt concluded. “For me, the success of Project X validates those core ideas, and it’s the way I want to make movies and shows. Bringing that family ethos, the idea of ​​problem solving and providing a good experience to people. It’s important to get back to work and make sure they have a good time doing it.”

“It’s hard to do any of this, so if you’re doing it in a pinch, that’s the worst. What we’re also starting to see is repeat business. People say: “We would love to do more with you because we had such a good experience.” I’m also very proud of the quality of the things we’ve done, whether they’ve been windfalls or less so. There’s a level of creative quality to the things we make and build.”

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