What is the value of your intellectual property?

The value of intellectual property lies in its application to a significant target market and its perceived value to customers. Businesses that can establish ownership of unique intellectual property that is accessible and valuable to a significant target market are highly valuable. Furthermore, the value of intellectual property often lies in how well it can be commercialized and how it can benefit customers. Companies that can successfully leverage their intellectual property and integrate it into their products or services typically sell for the highest possible value.

We are currently working with several clients using our 21-step process to help clients understand their business value and consists of five stages:

  1. Value identification with baseline determination including business valuation.
  2. Preserving value by ensuring proper risk management and asset protection.
  3. Value maximization ensuring business value is maximized and the business is ready for a business succession plan.
  4. Extracting value through a liquidity event or transaction.
  5. Manage value post-sale or exit, ensuring asset protection and value invested to fund retirement.

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EastWind Business Solutions Inc.


Tim Fawcett, Founder and CEO of EastWind Business Solutions, Inc., a merger and acquisition advisory firm specializing in strategic sales to SMBs valued at $2-100M+, has provided strategies across Canada and over 2,000 children boomer business owners. to the US, helping them accelerate their value and prepare their business for sale, as well as guiding them through exit planning best practices.

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