Using artificial intelligence to create positive change. how becoming an Omdena Chief Talent shaped my career in AI

Abdulaziz, what is your professional background?

As a computer science graduate originally from Nigeria, I bring to the table a wealth of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, software development, and cloud computing. My passion for technology has been sharpened over the past 2+ years, during which I have developed my expertise in developing and applying cutting-edge machine learning models to a variety of applications. Whether it’s in natural language processing, computer vision, or predictive modeling, I’ve consistently demonstrated my ability to deliver solutions that drive progress and make a real impact. In addition, I am a versatile developer, proficient in multiple programming languages ​​and machine learning frameworks, which allows me to bring a unique and valuable perspective to any project.

When and how did you enter Omdena, and what was the reason?

I found out for the first time Omdena through my academic studies in computer science and artificial intelligence. I was impressed by their reputation for developing innovative solutions and their commitment to driving positive change through technology. I joined Omdena in January 2021 as a junior data scientist, looking for opportunities to expand my skills and make meaningful investments in real-world projects. The opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated team and use my knowledge to drive progress and impact was incredibly motivating and inspired me to pursue a career with Omdena.

What technical solution did you create in a recent project?

I recently had the opportunity to work on an interesting project where I built a web-based retro game for a therapeutic exercise program. Using my expertise in computer vision, machine learning, and web development, I was able to improve the game’s control system by applying a high-performance position estimation model (Mediapipe:) in a React web application. At over 15 frames per second, this solution not only improved the overall user experience, but also increased engagement.

This project was a prime example of my ability to create innovative solutions that have a positive impact. I’m proud of the work I do, and it’s a privilege to continue to use my skills and experience to make progress and make a meaningful difference through technology.

Abdulaziz participated in Omdena projects. These are some of them.

Build your portfolio with real Omdena projects

How has the Omdena Top Talent experience helped you in your career?

Working on the Omdena Top Talent project was a transformative experience for me, both professionally and personally. The project allowed me to work with a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and experience levels and challenged me to think outside the box and develop new and innovative solutions.

Through this project, I gained valuable hands-on experience building and running machine learning models and honed my skills in multiple programming languages ​​and frameworks. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with senior professionals and receive mentorship and guidance that helped me grow and develop my expertise.

This experience helped me expand my network, build my portfolio and further my career. It gave me the confidence and skills to take on more complex projects, and since then I’ve been able to contribute to several high-impact initiatives and make significant contributions to the industry.

Overall, the experience of working on the Omdena Top Talent project was a turning point in my career, and I am grateful for the opportunities and growth it provided me.

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