Travel guide to Sapporo in winter

Visiting the Japanese city of Sapporo in winter will be a fascinating journey of discovery as you will find many fascinating experiences that will satisfy the discerning traveller’s preferences.

Originally uploaded by K. Takeda at Japanese Wikipedia, Sapporo Beer Museum, CC BY-SA 3.0

Enjoy the Sapporo Snow Festival

Undoubtedly, a highlight in Sapporo will be the Sapporo Snow Festival, which takes place during the first week of February. The main feature of this festival will be eye-catching ice and snow sculptures of famous characters, which will be displayed at three different locations during this event.

Check out the views from Sapporo TV Tower

Visitors to Sapporo who appreciate the stunning views from the high observation deck should take the opportunity to visit the Sapporo TV Tower. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views of the city of Sapporo, which will be really attractive, especially at night. One of the hotels near Sapporo Station that can easily visit this tower would be the Travelodge Sapporo Susukino.

Bathe in the onsen

Your visit to Japan in winter wouldn’t be complete without taking a dip in an onsen, which is a hot spring bath much enjoyed by the locals. While there are several popular onsen around the city of Sapporo, you can take the opportunity to visit Noboribetsu Onsen City, which is known for the wonderful onsen experiences it offers.

Visit the Sapporo Beer Museum

Beer lovers can take the opportunity to check out the Sapporo Beer Museum, which is apparently a popular attraction in the city. Although the museum itself will not be extensive, many visitors flock to the site to taste the beer and enjoy the hearty lamb jingisukan, a typical local dish served here.

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