Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Know

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications have been created to solve human problems and have been integrated into various fields such as finance, health and wellness, learning, social media, gaming, e-commerce, etc.
  • 10 of the best artificial intelligence apps that everyone should know are ELSA Speak, Amazon Alexa, Socratic, Youper, Replika, Swiftkey Keyboard, Siri, Face App, Hopper and Google Assistant.

It is no longer news that artificial intelligence has been integrated into many technological developments around the world, and smartphone applications are no exception in this respect. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications have been very useful to mankind, this explains why companies and individual users use AI-based applications in their daily lives.

Most people are not aware of the possibilities of using artificial intelligence applications to create or edit photos, play games, maintain a healthy body, manage a business, etc.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Know

  • ELSA Speak
  • Amazon Alexa:
  • Socratic
  • You more
  • Replica:
  • Swiftkey keyboard
  • love
  • Facial application
  • Hopper
  • Google Assistant

ELSA Speak

Forbes recognizes the importance of fluency in the world, and as English serves as the world’s universally accepted language, Elsa strives to make English less complicated for the masses.

It goes without saying that most countries have their own native languages ​​and special accents. For example, people from Asia, Russia, and South Africa are likely to have difficulty pronouncing certain words in the English language, thereby making it difficult for people to understand them.
This AI tool is designed to help Android and iOS users improve their verbal communication skills in other countries to boost confidence.

Amazon Alexa:

This AI tool focuses on using voice commands to control home appliances such as lights, window blinds, air conditioners, speakers, and more. All this becomes possible as long as you have a stable internet connection and your home appliances are technologically advanced.

Imagine the possibilities of turning on a light bulb in your home, turning on/off your home heater, and being photographed with the sound of your voice. Smartphone users can further enjoy maximum comfort in their homes while they perform actions with the sound of their voice.


This AI tool focuses on improving learning abilities among the elderly and the young. People can learn many topics or educational courses through texts or video presentations.

The tool further tests users’ knowledge after learning a particular topic or course through a quiz. This can be a very useful tool for students preparing for an exam or teachers who want to expand their knowledge of a particular subject.

Additional features include finding answers to questions in the app, as well as scanning and extracting questions from pictures, which can help students get answers for homework and other research assignments. It supports multiple languages ​​and multiple courses like Physics, Mathematics and many more.

You more

The human brain is designed to cope with minimal stress and pressure every day, which explains why a group of psychologists and developers launched this digital assistant to relieve stress and depression.

It stabilizes the mental health of the users and the app is available on all smartphone devices, it has helped several users to solve mental problems like depression, schizophrenia, high blood pressure and many more.

The tool further serves as an alternative to frequent visits to a psychiatrist or psychologist for any mental condition. Users can interact with the app and monitor their emotions, feelings and more every day of the week.


This is a personalized AI tool for single people looking for companionship. Artificial intelligence is built by replicating human behavior traits and can help users chat without limitations. This can be very useful for older people who are always looking to communicate with others or lonely people who want to express their thoughts and opinions.

You can chat with Replika AI about topics related to movies, politics, education, finance, and more without worrying about getting shady answers because the AI ​​uses the data you provide to give you relevant answers to each subject of interaction.

Swiftkey keyboard

Having a smart keyboard that can get inside your head and predict your next word choice can go a long way in helping you write content faster, and SwiftKey Keyboard offers it for Android and iOS users.

This tool is essential for bloggers, writers and anyone active on any social media platform. It stores data entered through the app and uses it to suggest possible choices of words, emojis, etc. to the user.

The smart keyboard further supports multiple languages, which means you can type in Aramaic, Arabic, French and more when you change the language settings.


Most Apple users are not unfamiliar with this AI tool as it is often pre-installed on most iOS devices. It features using voice commands to perform tasks on your smartphone and other Apple smart devices.

The AI ​​tool can also be said to be a personal assistant, but some users consider it a best friend because of its interactive features. As a personal assistant or human’s best friend, you can use Ai to complete tasks, set reminders, manage apps, ask questions, and more.

The AI ​​tool further has multiple languages, so you don’t have to worry if English is not your native language, thus making it generally accepted all over the world.

Facial application

This is a photorealistic AI tool that every smartphone user should know about. Most people tend to worry about how they will look in old age, while some worry about their appearance when they try new hairstyles, haircuts, etc.

This AI tool eliminates those concerns and also allows users to edit photos that can be shared on all social media apps. The app is fun to use with lots of filters to explore and create your true-to-life images, it also allows users to remove backgrounds from pictures, smooth their face, add makeup, style their hair, and more.


This AI tool is dedicated to travelers and carriers who want to analyze and manage their journeys. It has been introduced to address various needs of travelers like booking flights, accommodation and car rental without having to worry about fraud.

You can install the app on any smartphone of your choice and manage all the expenses that will be incurred during your trip. It also allows users to predict the cost of travel along with accommodation and transportation.

It replaces the need for a travel agent or tour guide because you can do everything yourself.

Google Assistant

This AI tool has similar capabilities to Apple Siri, with the main difference being that Google Assistant only works on Android devices, while the latter works on iOS devices.

You can run commands on your phone with the sound of your voice. While native accents tend to be challenging for people who aren’t fluent in the English language, the AI ​​is designed to listen carefully and recognize the pronunciation of different types of words.

You can use this digital assistant to keep track of time, weather and trending news or to do research on your phone. However, AI doesn’t need a magic word to activate it, like Apple Siri does, before they start executing commands.

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