There Are 36 Intelligent Alien Civilizations in Our Galaxy Say Scientists

There have been theories that there are intelligent alien civilizations in our galaxy that may not be hostile. For years NASA and other space agencies have been conducting studies to learn more about these alien races. One theory states that there could be a tenth of a planet like this in our solar system capable of having a life. Therefore there are many places that we may find intelligent alien civilizations in our galaxy or nearby galaxies.

Why do we need to find aliens?

There are a lot of reasons why we need to find aliens. We may one day find out that they are trying to communicate with us. The reason we find alien signals is because of the large space telescopes that we currently have available.

If we only had a few of these giant telescopes, we wouldn’t detect alien signals. Some smaller, less powerful telescopes may not pick up alien signals because they are too small or too many clouds to block out the light from looking at the objects.

Are they already on our planet?

Some researchers claim that aliens may be here now in our galaxy, but we won’t find them until another telescope with a higher power is pointed at the area. Several groups of researchers think that our galaxy has only one or two of these civilizations.

If there are aliens in our universe, there would undoubtedly be a lot of evidence if someone was willing to put in the time and effort to look for it. Some of these researchers’ claims are based on the fact that we know there are stars in other star systems. Since the majority of stars are very similar to our own, you would expect that any intelligent life forms in the universe would be identical to ours as well

This is the same theory that has been put forward about the planets around our moon. Some researchers also believed that there are only a few habitable planets in the solar system, and therefore there are only a few civilizations. But there is research that suggests otherwise.

Research indicates that some of these habitable planets may have turned into black holes due to their suns’ extreme heat. If this is true, then there are billions of other civilizations out there waiting to communicate with us, and they may be looking for signs of human civilizations.

What does a scientist use?

Using Very Long Baseline Interferometer (VLBI) to find these civilizations is what scientists do and what these astronomers are doing. These instruments can detect very faint signals, and they are using them to determine if there are civilizations out there or just ordinary white dust.

This is a big step for astronomy because if we cannot find other civilizations using these tools, we will never know if there are others out there. It could be that we will never see other intelligent life forms like us, and that could lead us on a very lonely path

Are there any signs of these civilizations?

The answer may be, we don’t know. We have telescopes, and we have radio dishes, and we have space explorers. Could these things be collecting data and sending signals to us? Although there is no way to prove or disprove this, there is enough of a possibility for some scientists to believe that this is something that may be done in the future.

Several astronomers feel that there are more than 10 billion other galaxies where astronomers are looking. If there are billions of civilizations out there, then it means that somewhere in the universe, a civilization is trying to send signals and get information across. Using telescopes with susceptible technology, we may find this small-signal or even bigger signals that send data back.

Is there life out there in the universe?

If there are intelligent alien civilizations, and they are sending signals, we should listen. It may be worth our time to do a little eavesdropping to see if they tell us the truth. Perhaps you will consider all this in 2021.

If aliens live on other planets in our galaxy, then there must be intelligent life on these planets. It means that we may have already discovered another planet in our galaxy capable of supporting life. And we might find that they live within the gas giant of our galaxy called GJ 1132, a brown dwarf. This discovery was made possible using a space probe that went to take a closer look at this gas giant.

How do we locate these intelligent alien civilizations?

-If you are a believer in aliens, then there are many ways that you can get involved. One way is through private enterprise. Billions of dollars are being spent right now to research space technologies, both manned and unmanned. If you have a business idea for a research piece, you should talk to NASA about it. They have contracts all over the place for private enterprise research into space.

-You can go online and research this yourself. There are quite a few websites that have information about space research, including pictures and videos. Also, some very famous people in the scientific community regularly talk about this topic, such as Carl Sagan, Neil de Grasse, and Arthur C. Clarke. If these people can tell you anything about it, then you may want to take their advice.

-There are also many websites out there that are totally against the idea that intelligent alien civilizations are in our galaxy. Some of these sites are very well written and explain things well, while others are total junk. I would recommend you avoid such junk sites if you want the truth. There is plenty of trustworthy scientific information that points out the likelihood of space aliens.


Now then, you might say to me, “Well, there are plenty of alien civilizations that have been discovered, so who cares if there are some here on Earth?” The fact is, if there are intelligent alien civilizations out there in our galaxy, there is a possibility that they have sent communications or signals to us. How do we know this? NASA has sent space probes to explore this very possibility.

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