The WSJ’s Gerskovich will receive the National Press Club’s Aubuchon Award

Evan Gershkovich

National Press Club honors jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich With its highest award for freedom of the press, the John Aubuchon Award.

Eileen O’ReillyPresident of the National Press Club and Gil KleinThe president of the Journalism Institute of the National Press Club issued a joint statement announcing the award.

“Journalist Evan Gershkovich has been dedicated and courageous in reporting from Russia at a time of dramatically increased danger for journalists. In a risky environment, he has consistently delivered honest, bold and enlightening news. Evan’s journalism is the reason for his unjust arrest by the Russian security forces. Journalism is not a crime and Evan should not be jailed for his profession, he should be honored for it. We call for the immediate and unconditional release of Evan.”

Aubuchon laureates don’t just receive recognition and an award. By electing Gershkovich, the Club and Institute undertake to monitor and support his work, and to work to ensure his freedom, including freedom of publication. The club and institute will continue to advocate not only for Gershkovich, but for all foreign journalists working from Russia who expected their non-Russian passports to provide them with some protection.

The leaders of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones made the following statements.

“We thank the National Press Club for honoring Evan’s commitment to shining a light on world issues so the public can make informed decisions. Evan is a distinguished member of the free press and any suggestion otherwise is a lie. We deeply appreciate the National Press Club and the National Press Club Journalism Institute for standing with Evan as we continue to demand his release.”
Emma TuckerEditor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal

“Evan is a respected journalist whose reporting gives a unique insight into life in developing Russia,” he said. Almar Latour, CEO of Dow Jones and publisher of The Wall Street Journal. “His unjust arrest deprives readers around the world and in Russia of valuable insights. It’s an affront to journalism and should matter to anyone who values ​​freedom. Evan represents the best of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, and we continue to call for his safe and immediate release.”

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