The Ukrainian commander told the Washington Post that all 500 soldiers of his battalion were either killed or wounded.

On February 25, near the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk region of Ukraine, Ukrainian servicemen were seen next to armored vehicles. REUTERS/Yan Dobronosov

Insider: All 500 members of the Ukrainian battalion were killed or wounded in the battles with Russia, says the commander.

* Ukraine’s defense is hindered by the loss of experienced soldiers, reports The Washington Post.

* One commander said that all 500 members of his battalion were killed or wounded.

* Soldiers with significant combat experience “are all already dead or wounded,” the commander said.

The war in Ukraine is bleeding both sides, each of which has suffered more than 100,000 military casualties (killed and wounded) since Russia launched its full-scale invasion last year.

But with Moscow able to recruit fighters from Ukraine’s dwarf population, fears are growing that Kiev is less able to sustain sustained casualties and that that will jeopardize its ability to fight back this spring, The Washington Post reported Monday.

The seriousness of the situation is shown by the experience of the 46th Air Assault Brigade of Ukraine.

A battalion commander in the brigade told the Post that he lost every one of the 500 men he commanded as recently as February 2022, being replaced by recruits far less capable on the battlefield.


WNU editorHere is the key part of the Washington Post article….

…. After a year of war, Lt. Col. Kupole said his battalion was unrecognizable. Of the approximately 500 soldiers, approximately 100 were killed in action and another 400 were wounded., leading to complete circulation. Kupol said he was the only military specialist in the battalion, and he described the struggle of leading a unit made up entirely of inexperienced troops.

The Washington Post article is here. Ukraine lacks skilled troops and ammunition, because losses, pessimism are growing.

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