The Swedish startup presented the first “origami” electronic motorcycle and the cost of 15 thousand euros

What do you get when you mix motorcycles with origami? The answer, dear reader, is the Stilride 1.

The unique vehicle is the brainchild of Swedish startup Stilride. The company today revealed the final design and pricing for a new electric yacht that is due to launch in 2024.

For €15,000, each customer will receive a custom-built motorcycle that combines looks, performance and durability.

To produce each car, Stilride uses an advanced method called “industrial origami,” which applies the Japanese art of folding paper to metal. The startup’s software first defines the geometries, which industrial robots and laser cutting then bring to life.

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For the Stilride 1, the entire process requires a single sheet of stainless steel. Because it is folded instead of welded, minimal contaminants are produced. To minimize environmental impact, the bike is manufactured locally from a small number of parts. It is also lightweight, which reduces power consumption.

“It’s designed for both motorcycle enthusiasts and purists in design and sustainability.

Tue Beijer, CTO and co-founder of Stilride, wants the bike to set a “new gold standard” for electric mobility.

“The Stilride 1 is the culmination of many years of ambition, passion and experimentation, distilled into a deliciously unconventional lightweight electric motorcycle that is not only a work of engineering, but also a work of art,” Badger said in a statement. “It’s designed for both motorcycle enthusiasts and purists of design and sustainability.”

But does it pass the eye test? You can judge for yourself in the gallery below.

The aesthetic modernizes the previous design, which my colleague Ioanna compared to an “origami duck.” In my eyes, the new model looks more like the love child of Vespa and electric guitar steel.

Regardless, looks aren’t everything on the road. In terms of specs, the Stilride 1 features an ultralight chassis made from recycled Swedish steel, a premium HUB drive system, a single shock absorber and multi-link rear suspension and braking system developed in collaboration with ISR.

There is also an impressive communication system. The motorcycle’s electric vehicle control unit (eVCU) provides various functions through the Stilcontrol app, which provides anti-theft, geo-positioning, service diagnostics and battery status monitoring.

Additional technical details can be found in the picture below.

Stilride 1 technical specifications