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Marketing Podcast with Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes, guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
In this episode of the Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mike Rhodes. With over two decades in the digital marketing industry, he set up his award-winning Melbourne-based digital agency WebSavvy in 2006 to help small businesses. They are a Google Premier Partner and one of the few Australian agencies that are part of Google’s International Growth Program. Mike also runs AgencySavvy, teaching hundreds of agency owners how to “do” Google Ads better and grow their agencies.

He co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Google Adsnow in its sixth edition, it is the world’s best-selling book on Google Ads, with over 130,000 copies sold.

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Digital marketing is going through a constant evolution, where the introduction of new tools is a must today to keep up with the needs of the market. AI is playing a big role in advertising, particularly messaging and content creation. AI tools can generate multiple ads and ideas to create first drafts of content for different platforms, as well as recall data.

Mike also emphasizes that online advertising budget analysis depends on the business’s marketing effectiveness ratio, business goals, and margins. Additionally, measuring the lifetime value of new customers is vital to determining the ROI of online advertising, and investing in CRO as ad spend can deliver significant performance improvements.

Questions I ask Mike Rhodes:

  • [02:17] What have been the biggest changes in digital marketing over the past few years?
  • [04:45] What do you see in the near future of using AI in advertising?
  • [09:03] Where does programmatic advertising or global advertising fit in today?
  • [10:37] Does geofencing have a place for some businesses?
  • [11:56] Where do you fall on the need for long-term advertising and short-term advertising?
  • [17:28] How do you help people analyze what they should spend on online advertising?
  • [20:15] How do you link conversion rate optimization to your ad spend?
  • [21:49] Regarding GA4, what advice would you give to business owners? How did they take it after using GA3 for so long?

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