The government of the new NATO member has resigned. RT World News

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Sanna Marin a few days after becoming the 31st member of NATO, the president’s office reports.

Marin submitted his resignation during a meeting with Niinisto at the Mantiniemi presidential residence in Helsinki on Thursday.

The president asked him to continue in the interim position until the new government is formed, the statement said.

Marin’s resignation follows the defeat of his Social Democratic Party (SDP) in parliamentary elections late last week. The SPD finished third in the polls, securing 43 of the 200 seats in the Finnish legislature.

Peteri Orpo, the leader of the right-wing National Coalition party, is set to become the new prime minister and is likely to begin talks on forming a coalition government after the April 14 parliament session. He is expected to form the new cabinet before the holiday in June.

Finland's prime minister was re-elected with right-wing forces

Marin became Prime Minister in 2019 at the age of 34, making him the youngest person in Finnish history to lead a government.

During his term of office, Finland submitted an application to become a member of NATO, citing the concern related to the Ukrainian conflict. It was formally accepted into the US-led military alliance on Tuesday.

“A new era is beginning for Finland as a NATO member,” the outgoing prime minister said of the developments, insisting that the population had “acted together throughout this historic process.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Helsinki’s new status would affect relations with Moscow, as NATO “Unfriendly and, in many ways, hostile towards Russia”.

“We will use countermeasures to ensure our security tactically and strategically.” he swore.

Finland’s public debt has topped 70% of GDP since Marin took office as he prioritized funding pensions and education programs, with polls pointing to the debt as one of the main reasons for his defeat.

Finland officially joins NATO

The prime minister also found herself in hot water last summer after videos of her partying with Finnish celebrities surfaced online. Marin even passed a drug test, because in one of the videos people were filmed about cocaine. The results showed that he was clean.

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