The best foods for a better night’s sleep

How well we sleep affects what we eat. Research shows that sleep-deprived people consistently consume more calories than people who get the recommended seven or more hours of sleep each night.

If we’re overly tired, we’re more likely to choose unhealthy foods for cravings and fluctuating blood sugar levels. But there is another side to this. what we eat directly affects how well we sleep. The five foods listed below have been found by doctors and researchers to help people sleep and rest more soundly.

1. Salmon

Oily fish, such as salmon, are rich in omega-3s, which can help you relax and sleep better.

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Why? Eating salmon three times a week for several months helped subjects sleep better, as well as improve daytime functioning. report in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. “Researchers believe that fatty fish may help with sleep by providing healthy doses of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, which are involved in the regulation of serotonin in the body,” he explains. National Sleep Foundation. Serotonin is a hormone that plays a role in energy balance, sleep, mood, emotions and appetite. Eating oily fish like salmon is a natural way to potentially get some of these benefits.

Try it. Canned salmon is convenient to keep on hand, ready to eat when you are. Plus, it’s just as nutritious as fresh fish. Our Grilled Feta Salmon Burger Recipe packed with flavor and protein to keep you satisfied. Be sure to try ours too! Pesto Salmon and Vegetables Recipethe perfect Flex meal in one pan.

2. Walnut

Of all nuts, walnuts have the highest amount of melatonin, which helps with sleep

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Why? Along with protein and healthy fats to keep you feeling full while you sleep, nuts can help your body replenish melatonin, a hormone that regulates your internal clock and helps your brain feel tired before bed. When lab animals were fed walnut extract, they had higher concentrations of melatonin in their bodies. report published in a journal Nutrition. Walnuts also contain other nutrients associated with better sleepincluding magnesium, potassium, folate and calcium. You can also get melatonin other nuts like almonds, pistachios and cashews.

Try it. Be aware that packages of nuts can have a lot of added oil and salt. Look for dry-roasted, unsalted versions. Back Air Fryer Spiced NutsYou can add nutty, almond and pecan flavor with the sweet and savory spices of cinnamon and cayenne pepper and no added sodium. The spiced nuts come out of the oil-free air fryer extra crunchy and delicious.

3. Milk

Dairy products are rich in amino acids such as tryptophan, which can promote better sleep

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Why? Your mother or grandmother may have offered you warm milk when you were a child and had trouble sleeping. Science supports drinking milk as a natural remedy for insomnia. Although warm milk can be soothing if it is associated with positive childhood memories, dairy products such as milk and cheese are rich in an amino acid called tryptophan which promotes the production of serotonin and melatonin. “Milk contains four sleep-promoting compounds: tryptophan, calcium, vitamin D, and melatonin,” it says. Medical news today.

Fun fact. By: National Sleep Foundation“Milk collected the cows were milked at night In addition to tryptophan, it contains a large amount of melatonin.”

Try it. When you buy milk, cheese, or other dairy products, be sure to buy low-fat varieties rather than whole milk. Stick to this White hot chocolate with mint for a comforting and healthy snack that contains skim milk. It tastes great with white chocolate, peppermint extract and fat-free cool whip.

4. Egg

Eggs are rich in melatonin and tryptophan

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Why? Eggs are a rich source melatonin and, like milk, egg whites are particularly filling tryptophan. Moreover, eggs give you a healthy supply of easily digestible protein. A diet high in lean protein helps people sleep better as they lose weight researchers at Purdue University.

Try it. There are many delicious ways to enjoy eggs Nutrisystem, because they’re perfectly dosed PowerFuel. Starting Air Fryer Baked Eggs to: Easy Egg and Toast Cupsyou can have eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner on our plan.

5. Cherries

Tart cherries have more melatonin than any other food

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Why? Tart cherries (also known as tart cherries) have nearly the highest concentration of melatonin of any food. Drinking cherry juice helped researchers sleep more soundly, according to research is published American Journal of Therapeutics. Cherries appear to reduce inflammation in those who drink it. Swollen joint pain is a common cause of sleep disorders in people, especially as they get older.

Try it. Eating real cherries contains more fiber than just drinking the juice. You can add cherries to yours Nutrisystem Chocolate Shake Mix create this rich and creamy Black Forest Chocolate Cherry Milkshake Recipe. Our recipe Chocolate Cherry Bliss Balls contains walnuts and cherries for double sleep benefits.

*Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet or if you have any questions about sleep.

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