Tesla is running an Earth Day promotion, here are the details

Tesla has announced a new promotion through which owners of its cars will send their photos. People will win 3,500 Supercharger credits in the contest.

NotaTesla App: reports that the company invited owners to submit their best photos for a chance to win credits. Those credits can then be redeemed in Tesla’s Loot Bos for superchargers and other rewards.

“Submit your best Tesla pictures for a chance to win 3,500 points (purchasable in Loot Box for Supercharging, software upgrades, and more),” the tweet read.

The contest is part of the annual Earth Day celebrations, always held on April 22, to help raise awareness of the planet and its needs. Many companies are celebrating the event and Apple has even gone so far as to change the color of the Apple logo at its retail outlets to a rather nice green.

The report notes that Tesla has probably done as much as anyone given its push EV credentials.

Tesla’s mission has always been closely aligned with the values โ€‹โ€‹of Earth Day. The company’s primary goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla has played a significant role in saving the planet by popularizing electric cars that produce zero emissions and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.

Entering the contest will certainly be easy for most Tesla owners. They all probably have a phone full of photos of their EV.

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