Telefónica Tech and will work together on digital transformation through natural language processing;

Both companies will promote the digital transformation of the national market by implementing AI technologies that will allow language to be turned into data, thus improving processes and applications and facilitating information retrieval and decision-making.

Telefónica Tech and, a leading multinational artificial intelligence (AI) company for language understanding, have announced an agreement whereby’s hybrid AI platform, as well as its other AI solutions, are aimed at turning language into data. : improve processes, applications or facilitate decision-making are included in the product catalog of AI of Things, a specialized business unit of Telefónica Tech.

The goal of the alliance is to bring to market a key technology in the digitization process of any organization. Artificial intelligence is important for intelligent automation of extraction, classification and acceleration of processes in which human language is the basis of communication between parties. This enables it to respond to the most urgent transformation challenges in industries (banking and insurance, public administration, telecommunications, healthcare, etc.) where unstructured information is a critical asset.

“Working with will allow us to strengthen our strategy focused on turning data into value through AI and Big Data, connecting our in-house capabilities to a complete ecosystem of partners to meet any need in this area,” said is Carlos Martínez Miguel, Global Telefónica Tech Solutions and Services Director.

“As Forrester points out in its latest report, the use of hybrid artificial intelligence, which combines machine learning with human knowledge processing, is an ideal solution for natural language processing. This is also our technological approach, our Platform combines different artificial intelligence techniques, using the most appropriate at any given moment,” explains Elisa Martínez Frade, Vice President of Sales for Iberia and Latin America at “This differential value, together with Telefónica’s integration capabilities and extensive commercial network, will result in high value for companies in all sectors and also for public administrations that will be able to optimize their processes and achieve an improved digital experience.” offers strategic natural language processing and understanding technology that allows you to integrate intelligence from the ground up and develop projects faster with intuitive knowledge models.’s hybrid natural language understanding platform aligns with Gartner and Forrester recommendations on how to approach projects where natural language is important with a combination of AI techniques, not just one. Thus, it provides a deep understanding of the language, from complex documents, contracts, sentences, emails, etc. from emails or reports to social media posts, blogs and news, turning all this information into knowledge and perspective.

The portfolio is complemented by other applications and tools, including Smart Search, an advanced semantic search engine that optimizes search and information discovery processes, and an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (Chatbot) designed to simulate conversations with automatic responses suggesting. which provide users with an optimized experience.

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