Take control and change the way you think

When we struggle with our weight, it can seem like some things are out of our control, from the foods we eat and the choices we make to the everyday challenges that keep us from living a healthier lifestyle.

At Slimming World, we’ll put you back in the driver’s seat and support you until you lose the weight of your dreams.

Yes, you can control Slimming World

1. Think of yourself as leaner

As a specialist in weight loss psychology, we will help you uncover the deep, often subconscious obstacles, triggers and diversionary traps that are holding you back.

2. Develop strategies

With our welcome groups and 24/7 access to our member app and website, you’ll get tailored support to shift your mindset and overcome personal obstacles for you.

3. Form healthy habits that stick

Together, we’ll help you create a shiny new groove that fits your lifestyle, for a simple and sustainable way to lose weight that works.

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“After feeling controlled by food, I’m finally free.”

Fraser Walker lost in 3rd place

Just when Fraser Walker was starting to feel hopeless about overcoming his cravings, he discovered the freedom of food optimization and lost the fantastic third.

“I felt completely defeated by my weight and hated how my cravings controlled me. I had tried several times to lose weight, mostly following diet trends I had seen on the internet. I would usually lose a few pounds, but would soon give up because I couldn’t stop thinking about the unhealthy food I used to eat.

When I decided to try Slimming World, I was surprised at how much freedom Food Optimizing gave me. I could fill up on everyday items like pasta, potatoes, lean meats and vegetables, and if I fancied an ice cream or chocolate bar, I could use my Syns and still feel in control.

Although the weight came off steadily, there were still times when I struggled and felt like I wanted to forget about losing weight altogether. Talking about my emotions with counselor Lisa and the other members of IMAGE Therapy helped me discover how my emotions affect my food choices. That awareness meant I could spot times when I was likely to go off track and put plans in place to protect myself.

Now that I’m happy with my weight, I’m more comfortable in my body and my mind is in a much better place. Instead of hiding under black clothes, I like to stand out in bright colors. I’m finally proud to be me, and it’s amazing.”

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“Slimming World Helped Me Break the Diet Cycle”

Abby Murdy lost at #4

Abby Murdy’s weight was affecting her studies, confidence and social life. Discover how she regained control and lost an incredible 4

“The big difference between Slimming World and other weight loss programs I’ve tried, other than the fact that I never feel like I’m missing out, is the member support. As well as celebrating our losses and sharing recipe tips, everyone in the group gets a chance to talk about any challenges they’ve faced or encountered. Slimming World calls this IMAGE Therapy (which stands for Individual Motivation and Group Experience) and it means you never feel alone on your weight loss journey. Even if you’ve had a tough time, you leave feeling positive and full of ideas and motivation for the week ahead. My band would lift me up when I felt down and they became like a second family to me.

When my consultant first told me about the Food Optimizing – Slimming World eating plan, I was shocked to hear that I could still eat bacon sandwiches and Chinese takeout. In the past, dieting always left me feeling deprived and I ended up eating the foods I couldn’t eat. I had a hard time believing I could still eat the foods I loved, but the proof was in the plan and I started losing weight right away.

It only took me a year to lose the 4st and these days I feel like a completely different person, not just physically but mentally too. I’m much more outgoing and confident.”

Read Abby’s full story here

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