Turkey’s bitter electoral struggle is approaching the decision day

He has doubled down on his attempts to label Kılıçdaroğlu as an ally of outlaw Kurdish militias and mocked the opposition’s attempts to talk tough on security issues. “Until yesterday, they were lovers of terrorists,” Erdogan said about his rivals this week. “You are the coward who cooperates with terrorists,” Kılıçdaroğlu replied on Twitter. Some … Read more

Using Data to Advance Songwriting | MIT News

Senior Ananya Gurumurthy, a three-year recipient of MIT’s Emerson Classical Vocal Scholarships, remembers getting ready to step onto the stage at Carnegie Hall to sing a Mozart opera she once sang with the New York National Choir. The choirmaster reminded him to speak his words and engage the diaphragm. “If you don’t express your voice, … Read more