5 Signs Your Startup Could Benefit From Outside Leadership

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneurs are their own. Running a startup isn’t easy. With a smaller workforce, you can be responsible for increasing sales, maintaining your operations, maintaining compliance, and many other tasks. And when something goes wrong, it’s often you who customers and employees turn to. So while owning a company is rewarding, … Read more

5 ways startups can use tech layoffs to attract top talent

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneurs are their own. The initial wave of tech layoffs grabbed global headlines with shock and awe, and according to Nerdwallet, more tech workers were laid off in 2022 than in 2020 and 2021 combined. While big tech itself has posted unprecedented numbers in a very short period of time … Read more

Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse renews calls to address disparities affecting entrepreneurs of color

CNN: – When Silicon Valley Bank clients rushed to withdraw billions of dollars last month, venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton stepped in to help some of the founders of color who were panicking about losing access to salary funds. As a black woman with nearly 10 years of business experience, Hamilton knew that the options for … Read more

Legendary Investor Bill Gurley on Investing Rules, Finding Outliers, Insights from Jeff Bezos and Howard Marks, Must-Read Books, Creating True Competitive Advantages, Open-Source Strategies, Adapting Mental Models to New Realities, and More (#651)

Illustration via 99designs “The minute you set a very hard rule, you might be setting yourself up for a mistake. And venture, I have found, is a world where that happens frequently.” — Bill Gurley Bill Gurley (@bgurley) has spent more than 20 years as a general partner at Benchmark. Before entering the venture capital business, … Read more