Italy’s Industry Ministry reports a “severe” cyber attack

The attack started early in the morning. Italy’s industry ministry’s web portal and applications were hit by a “severe cyber attack” on Friday and were down, it said. Technicians were working to “mitigate the consequences” of the attack, the statement said, adding that initial checks had not revealed any evidence of data theft. It was … Read more

F1 2023: Imola Grand Prix may be canceled due to bad weather

Heavy flooding in the Imola region has forced F1 to make an abrupt call for this weekend’s race as safety concerns grow in the area. Sunday’s Emilia Romagna GP was canceled due to heavy flooding in the region. All crews were told to stay away from the runway today after being evacuated yesterday. And F1 … Read more

Mona Lisa Bridge. the historian says that he himself discovered the background of the famous painting, National

A historian in Tuscany, Italy, believes he has bridged the gap between modern times and the 1500s, when Leonardo da Vinci painted the iconic Mona Lisa. Italian art historian Silvano Vincetti has said that the Romito di Laterina bridge in the province of Arezzo is “unmistakably” the bridge in the background of one of the … Read more

Mayor. Napoli’s title will cause a “great earthquake of joy”.

NAPLES, Italy (AP) – Before Gaetano Manfredi was elected mayor of Naples in 2021, he was a university professor specializing in seismic engineering, preparing and designing buildings to withstand earthquakes. When Manfredi became Rector of the University of Naples Federico II, a study was commissioned to measure the impact of fans celebrating goals scored by … Read more

This Italian city can fine tourists $300 for taking selfies

These restrictions apply between 10.30am and 6pm. (Representative image: Unsplash) If you like to take selfies when you go on vacation, then Portofino might not be the best place to visit. I wonder why? Well, a city on the Italian Riviera has set new rules that could affect your vacation photos. One of Italy’s most … Read more

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was diagnosed with leukemia while in hospital

Top line Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been diagnosed with leukemia, multiple media reported, after the 86-year-old media billionaire was hospitalized in intensive care earlier this week after suffering from shortness of breath. Silvio Berlusconi participated in the opening of the new Lombardy regional headquarters … [+] Coordination of Forza Italia on November … Read more

Pope Francis has been discharged after a hospital stay in Rome with bronchitis

Pope Francis was discharged from the hospital after three nights of bronchitis. The Pope was hospitalized in Rome with respiratory problems. He was in a happy mood when he was discharged. Pope Francis joked with well-wishers on Saturday as he left hospital after a three-night stay with bronchitis and returned to the Vatican to prepare … Read more

Meloni’s party seeks to protect the Italian language from foreign contamination

ROME. Prime Minister Giorgia Maloney’s party has proposed fines of up to 100,000 euros ($108,750) for public and private organizations that use a foreign language, especially English, instead of Italian in official communications. “It is not just a matter of fashion, because fashions pass, but Anglomania (has) consequences for the whole of society,” reads the … Read more

At least 19 migrants have died after a boat capsized off Tunis

At least 19 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa died when their boat sank off the coast of Tunisia as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to Italy, a rights group said on Sunday. Five migrant boats have sunk off the southern city of Sfax in the past four days, leaving 67 people missing and nine dead, … Read more