Update: Lamonda’s journey of transformation | Black weight loss success

Transformation of the day. Last year, Lamonda told how he lost 160+ lbs VSG with surgery, exercise and healthy eating habits. He recently shared with us how he continues to live a healthy lifestyle, build muscle, and follow his nutritional goals despite traveling a lot for his job. Check out his update. Instagram: @livinglamandalocaFacebook: Live … Read more

Put an end to period poverty. global issues

Period poverty, or the inability to afford menstrual products, is a serious problem, especially in developing countries, a problem that girls and women face every month, and the focus of Menstrual Hygiene Day, which is celebrated every year on May 28. “I’m happy to come to work here because I get to meet and work … Read more

Kaitlyn has lost 25 pounds Black weight loss success

Transformation of the day. Caitlin has lost 25 pounds by adopting better eating habits and exercising daily. With the help of her trainer/coach, she got great results and learned not to rush the process. It was my coach Terry Starks. He helped me lose a total of 25 pounds in 5 weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed … Read more

Menstrual health and hygiene are out of reach for poor girls and women in Latin America.

Young women in the Brazilian state of Bahia participate in an information campaign that also provides menstrual hygiene products. Poverty and lack of adequate information on this topic affects millions of girls, adolescents and adult women. CREDIT: Government of Bahia by Humberto Marquez (Caracas) Friday, May 26, 2023 Inter press service CARACAS, May 26 (IPS) … Read more

Slide show. New products from Utz Brands, Planters and Popcornopolis

KANSAS CITY. Light and salty snacks hit the shelves just at the beginning of summer. Utz Brands, Inc. has introduced a new limited edition line of potato chips in partnership with Mike’s Hot Honey. According to the company, the chips have a “sweet, salty crunch that finishes with warmth.” “We couldn’t think of a better … Read more

Patriot Pickle acquires First Place Foods

WAYNE, NJ. — Patriot Pickle has acquired First Place Foods, which makes fresh pickles, fermented pickles, relish and other pickled vegetables. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. “The acquisition of First Place Foods is a transformative opportunity that allows Patriot Pickle to expand geographically, capitalize on national sales opportunities and provide our customers with … Read more

Long-term COVID-19 affects 10% of people after omicron infection, US study shows

About 10 percent of people appear to suffer from long-term exposure to COVID-19 after a micro-infection, a lower estimate than earlier in the pandemic, according to a study of nearly 10,000 Americans that aims to help unravel the mysterious condition. Early findings from a National Institutes of Health study highlight dozens of symptoms that most … Read more

Upton’s Naturals continues

CHICAGO – For Upton’s Naturals, a plant-based meat alternative company, the strategy for the independently owned Seitan brand has been one of continuity. Launched in 2006, the brand is available in five meat alternatives, including bacon, chorizo, ground, Italian and traditional. The company followed up in 2015 with its meat alternative line formulated with jackfruit. … Read more

Shuronda lost 36 pounds Black weight loss success

Transformation of the day. Shuronda has lost 36 pounds, and her A1C and blood pressure improved significantly. After being diagnosed with diabetes, her doctor suggested she take Mounjaro and start working with a nutritionist. This program worked for him and he shared the details with us. Social media.TikTok: @urondabooInstagram: @shurondacauley: What was your motivation? What … Read more