Long-term COVID-19 affects 10% of people after omicron infection, US study shows

About 10 percent of people appear to suffer from long-term exposure to COVID-19 after a micro-infection, a lower estimate than earlier in the pandemic, according to a study of nearly 10,000 Americans that aims to help unravel the mysterious condition. Early findings from a National Institutes of Health study highlight dozens of symptoms that most … Read more

Covid is no longer a global health emergency. World Health Organization

Even if it is no longer an emergency, COVID-19 is here to stay, the WHO said London. COVID-19 no longer represents a global health emergency, the World Health Organization said on Friday, a major step toward ending the epidemic that has killed more than 6.9 million people, crippled the global economy and devastated communities. DIRECTLY: … Read more

Long COVID is the emergency that won’t end

In the early spring of 2020, the condition we now call long COVID didn’t have a name, much less a large community of patient advocates. For the most part, clinicians dismissed its symptoms, and researchers focused on SARS-CoV-2 infections’ short-term effects. Now, as the pandemic approaches the end of its third winter in the Northern … Read more

How to download a certificate of vaccination against COVID

June 29, 2021 Installed Dr. Nidhi Arora in Head scratch |: 3 comments India is one of the countries whose vaccination drive is setting records day by day. It is known to be the largest and most successful free vaccination campaign in the world. The thought process … Read more