Chinese cyber-espionage operation hits US infrastructure, West warns

A Chinese state-sponsored cyber threat actor is spying on critical US infrastructure and could target other countries, Western cyber security agencies and Microsoft warned on Wednesday. Those actions could be aimed at developing ways to disrupt critical communications between the U.S. and Asia “in future crises,” Microsoft said, a warning that could refer to a … Read more

The expelled Chinese diplomat, who is accused of threatening a member of parliament, has left Canada. source – National

A Chinese diplomat who was expelled from Canada after allegedly targeting a conservative lawmaker and his family in Hong Kong has left the country, Global News reports. A government source said Zhao Wei left for Canada on Friday. His departure comes four days after the federal government declared Zhao “persona non grata” over his alleged … Read more

Honduras will begin trade talks with China “soon” as ties deepen

TEGUCIGALPA. Honduras will soon begin talks on a trade deal with China, the Central American country’s top diplomat said on Friday (May 12th), marking the latest step toward stronger bilateral ties between the two countries after Honduras severed ties with Taiwan. Honduran Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reyna told reporters at a news conference that the … Read more

Intel reached PCO about “non-specific” threats to MPs. Why not the prime minister? – National

The 2021 intelligence briefing at the center of the recent foreign interference controversy included “non-specific information about threats to MPs,” the Privy Council office said. The intelligence briefing, compiled by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), was shared with the Privy Council Office (PCO) as well as other “national security departments,” the PCO said in … Read more

Can the United States contain threats of uncertain origin? Examining the Havana Syndrome, SolarWinds and the Chinese Mafia

The mystery surrounding the so-called Havana syndrome, an unexplained illness first experienced by US State Department personnel stationed in Cuba in late 2016, illustrates the challenge of responding to a national security threat when the threat, the underlying method, and the actor behind the threat are not clearly understood. . This report explores the applicability … Read more

The Aftermath of a Great Power War

Research Brief Photo by Everett Collection/Alamy Stock Photo Wars between states are rare, and great power wars — conflicts that involve two or more of the most powerful states in the international system — are even less common. Still, such wars have historically been among the most consequential international events, as they lead to massive … Read more

Alternative futures after a great power war. Volume 1, Scenarios, Findings and Recommendations

Research questions What prewar assumptions and predictions turned out to be wrong before the Great Power Wars? What are the ways that a war between the US and Russia or China could start and unfold that differ from the widely discussed scenarios? How will the strategic environment change after a major power war? The US … Read more