5 Signs Your Startup Could Benefit From Outside Leadership

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneurs are their own. Running a startup isn’t easy. With a smaller workforce, you can be responsible for increasing sales, maintaining your operations, maintaining compliance, and many other tasks. And when something goes wrong, it’s often you who customers and employees turn to. So while owning a company is rewarding, … Read more

Food Startup introduces meatballs made from Woolly Mammoth

An Australian startup has created a truly mammoth meatball. Last Tuesday, Vow Foods unveiled a giant meatball made from the meat of the extinct Woolly Mammoth. The meatball was unveiled at the Netherlands Science Museum in Nemo. Giant meatball made from meat engineered using DNA from extinct woolly mammoth unveiled at Netherlands Science Museum Nemo … Read more

Customize your company’s mission statement to inspire sustainability in just one word

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneurs are their own. Companies have vision statements that summarize their values ​​for a reason. employees who buy into your mission and vision tend to work harder for you, and according to the Dale Carnegie Institute, companies with engaged employees outperform their competitors by 202%. However, as the current focus … Read more