The best movies streaming in June (including Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and Max)

Top line Here are the top movies, including Oscar winners and decades-old classics, coming to the streaming service next month, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores. The Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire will hit Netflix in June. Photo by Kevin … [+] Winter/ImageDirect Getty Images: Basic facts The two top-rated movies coming to Amazon … Read more

Sci-fi, fantasy, horror projects affected by the writers’ strike

Image:: Roden Eckenroth / Stringer (Getty Images:) The point here is not that our favorite shows will fail, but that, due to corporate greed and failure to adapt to the times, writing for TV and movies has become a devalued, devalued and uninviting career. Writers struggle to make ends meet, while Warner Bros. CEO David … Read more

Kobo has updated its Elipsa electronic notepad with a warm light option

When that? first introduced in 2021our biggest regarding the complaint Kobo’s first digital notebookElipsa’s lack of color temperature adjustments for its electronic paper display. With the new Elipsa 2E, Kobo has fixed that, but the minor improvements to its e-note are enough to help it take on both. It is remarkable and: Amazon: now that … Read more

These upcoming rockets got us excited about the future of spaceflight

The Vulcan Certification One Booster, May 10, 2022 Photo:: ULA: Another heavy-lift launcher we’re excited about is the two-stage Vulcan Centaur, which is being developed by United Launch Alliance. The fully expendable 202-foot-tall (62-meter) rocket, in development since 2014, is set to replace ULA’s Atlas V and Delta IV rockets, both of which have been … Read more