OpenAI sued for money over ‘defamatory’ ChatGPT hallucination

When a reporter from an online gun website asked OpenAI’s ChatGPT submit the case summary to him Second Amendment Foundation v. Robert Ferguson Earlier this year, he said, an artificial intelligence chatbot quickly responded. It confidently complied, ostensibly insisting The case involved Mark Walters, a radio host in Georgia who was accused of embezzling money … Read more

An Argentine judge has dismissed a long-running corruption case against the vice president

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — An Argentine judge on Monday dismissed a long-running money-laundering case against Vice President Cristina Fernandez after prosecutors and government officials said there was no evidence she was involved in the crime. Federal Judge Sebastian Casanello ordered that Fernandez be removed from the case, known as the “K money trail,” because it … Read more

Mexican authorities have made an arrest in the murder of a Canadian man in a beach town

Reduce the font size of the article Increase the font size of the article Mexican authorities say they have made an arrest in connection with the murder of a Quebec resident in the Pacific coast city of Puerto Escondido earlier this month. The Oaxaca state attorney general released a statement Friday saying an arrest warrant … Read more

Man arrested in Japan after killing four people in rare gun and knife attack | Crime News:

The suspect was arrested after barricading himself in a building during a 12-hour standoff with police. A 31-year-old man has been arrested in rural Japan after four people were killed in a rare gun and knife attack that sparked a 12-hour standoff with police. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of murder after barricading himself … Read more

Russia’s Wagner Group is accused of a massacre hidden from the world

Russia’s Wagner Group accused of hiding massacre from world – CBS News Watch CBS News A CBS News investigation has found evidence of mass murder by a Russian mercenary army that’s responsible for some of the bloodiest fighting in Ukraine. Last week, CBS News reported on how the Wagner Group plunders gold and other resources … Read more

Zimbabwe releases prisoners with amnesty to reduce overcrowding

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe has begun releasing more than 4,000 prisoners as part of a presidential amnesty that authorities say will help ease overcrowding in some overcrowded prisons. About 800 inmates were released from the capital’s Harare Central Prison and Chikurub Maximum Prison on Friday. Prisons in other parts of the country began releasing inmates … Read more

In Russia, the war crimes prosecutor of the ICC is wanted in Russia by Putin’s decision Russia-Ukraine war News

Prosecutor Karim Khan of the International Criminal Court is wanted for arrest on charges of war crimes against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moscow has issued an arrest warrant for the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor who in March prepared an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on charges of war crimes, Russian media reported … Read more

One killed, one arrested at the German Mercedes-Benz factory Crime News:

Police confirm one victim and one arrest in connection with the shooting at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen. At least one person was killed and another injured in a shooting at a Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in southwestern Germany, local police said. “1 dead, 1 seriously injured,” the local police said on Twitter on Thursday, adding … Read more

Can the United States contain threats of uncertain origin? Examining the Havana Syndrome, SolarWinds and the Chinese Mafia

The mystery surrounding the so-called Havana syndrome, an unexplained illness first experienced by US State Department personnel stationed in Cuba in late 2016, illustrates the challenge of responding to a national security threat when the threat, the underlying method, and the actor behind the threat are not clearly understood. . This report explores the applicability … Read more