Steve Kerr on Leadership, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan and MORE

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has seen everything during his basketball career. From barely being recruited out of high school, to winning five rings as a player alongside Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan, to four more at the helm of a Golden State dynasty, his path has certainly been incredible. When asked what his late father would have said about his journey, Kerr says: “He wouldn’t believe it.” In the season finale of Lead by Example, Kerr and Warriors President Bob Myers sit down for an unprecedented conversation about Kerr’s career, values ​​and regrets. Kerr discusses choosing the Warriors over the Knicks and his mentor Phil Jackson, his favorite thing about Steph Curry, the ups and downs of coaching Kevin Durant and the reason behind Golden State’s success.

0:00 Bob Myers sits down with Steve Kerr
1:30 The biggest challenge of his basketball career
7:07 Finding his place in coaching and the reason for the Warriors’ success
14:00 Play and train without fear
17:11 “How will you train your team?”
21:33 What would his father say if he were here?
28:17 The wear and tear and brotherhood of the coaching profession
35:49 Cuts Twitter out of his life
39:35 Decides to take the Warriors job over the Knicks and Phil Jackson
46:21 What was it like coaching Kevin Durant?
49:35 How long can a group stay together?
55:25 Influence on his children

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