Soft Soldering Jig For Tough Projects

We’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous freeform circle sculptures. There is a mystical quality to taking what has normally been hidden for security and reliability reasons and putting it on display for all to see. Of course, creating these unique circular sculptures takes considerable time and effort. [Inne] created some silicone solder joints to help with these complex connections.

While a vice or helping hand is essential for many joints, when dealing with small SMD components and precise angles, you need something a little more specialized. Double-sided tape is often recommended, but heat destroys the glue, and SMD components like to stick to the tips of the soldering iron. Because silicone is heat resistant, it makes a suitable material for soldering. [Inne] uses an urban analogy for soldering with cups called squares, each of which has a hole (called a sight hole) that leads to a foot-switched vacuum pump to hold the parts in place. The OpenSCAD code is available on GitHub under the GPLv3 license. It generates a two-part mold that you can cast with A-8/A-15 silicone.

This is a clever project that makes putting together fancy circle sculptures much easier. We love the design and the thought that went into it, particularly the naming scheme, as we often find that naming variables appropriately in OpenSCAD becomes a snap.

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