SmallBizChat Podcast. Behavioral economics. Why does your customer do what they do?

Behavioral economics.  Why Does Your Customer Do What They Do - Social Image by Melina Palmer
Melina Palmer is the founder and CEO of The Brainy Business, which provides behavioral economics consulting to businesses of all sizes worldwide. His “The Brainy Business. “Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy” podcast has been downloaded in over 170 countries and is used as a resource for teaching applied behavioral economics at many universities and businesses. He teaches applied behavioral economics through the Texas A&M Human Behavior Lab and writes a column on behavioral economics for Inc Magazine. His first book, What your customer wants and can’t tell you, was published in May 2021 and was a finalist in two categories of the International Book Awards. His second book, What your employees need and can’t tell you, out now! Learn more here

Today’s show is all about digging in and learning more about your customers and why they buy. If you’re looking for ways to build deeper relationships with your target customers, you’ve come to the right place as we discuss behavioral economics.

“What I do is help people see how you can take those general rules and then apply them in a way that makes you more likely to be successful, more likely to have people choose you, and feel good about those decisions. – Melina Palmer

Listen to the podcast below:

Why Your Customer Does What They Do - with Melina Palmer

This week on the SmallBizChat Podcast.

  • How Melina got her start in behavioral economics.
  • Why is decision making like riding an elephant?
  • B2B vs. B2C buyers.
  • Understanding our habits and the way our brain makes decisions.
  • It’s not about the cookie.
  • Pricing secrets for your brand or product.
  • A word that increases sales by 33%.
  • Top 5 mistakes small businesses make when writing or creating ads.

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