Small business grants with April deadline

If you’re looking to complete a new project or improve your business this spring, small business grants can go a long way. Fortunately, several programs are currently operating in communities across the country. If you’re looking for small business grant opportunities, here are some you can apply for this April.

Jefferson County COVID-19 Relief Grants

Jefferson County, Montana is offering COVID-19 relief grants to eligible small businesses. The program is funded by the county through an allocation of American Rescue Program Act funds. Each eligible business can apply for $2,500 in grants. To qualify, businesses must have been in business since at least 2020 and be able to prove the negative impact of the pandemic. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, with a deadline of April 1.

grants due in April

Madison County Epidemic Recovery Grants

Madison County, New York is awarding up to $75,000 in pandemic recovery grants to local small businesses. To qualify, businesses must have 25 or fewer employees and be able to demonstrate the negative impact of the pandemic. Grants can be used to cover various operating costs, but construction projects are not covered. In addition, a 10 percent cash match is required. Applicants with more than five employees must use funds to create one or more jobs for low- and moderate-income individuals. The deadline for applying is April 3.

Argyle Small Business Grant Program

Argyle, Texas is launching a Small Business Grant Program to support small business owners recovering from the pandemic. The city is using its $250,000 rescue plan funds for the project, with individual grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. Each award amount will be based on annual earnings beginning in 2020. The application deadline is April 3.

Aurora finish line and restart maintenance grants

Aurora, Illinois has two grant programs underway to support local small businesses. The Finish Line Grant program offers funds for property owners and tenants who want to complete restoration projects. And the Re-Start Retention Grant provides funds for small business operating expenses to help local businesses keep their doors open. Applications for this round of funding are open until April 3rd.

South Omaha Return Tax Grant

South Omaha, Nebraska currently offers grants to local small businesses. And the city recently extended the deadline and changed the qualifications to make the program available to more applicants. The inversion tax grant currently has about $36,000 available to businesses after the April 6 deadline.

Freeport and Rockford Building Improvement Grant

Rockford and Freeport, Illinois are currently helping local businesses improve their storefronts and exterior features through a new grant program. Businesses located in each city’s Central Tax Increase processing areas are eligible to apply. Funding can be used to cover a variety of improvement projects. The deadline for applying is April 14.

Nye County American Rescue Plan Act Small Business Grant Program

Nye County, Nevada is reopening applications for its American Rescue Plan Act Small Business Grant program. The program reimburses businesses for various COVID-related expenses. This is the second phase of this grant program. And the county will continue accepting applications until April 14.

Pittsburgh Avenues of Hope

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Avenues of Hope program offers funding to black-owned businesses and community groups throughout the city. The program focuses specifically on businesses located in seven historically black corridors. Grants and low-interest loans can be used for a variety of projects, such as facade improvements and property rehabilitation. The program originally launched back in 2020. And the latest initiative includes a $7 ARPA grant program. Eligible businesses, nonprofits and property owners can apply for grants of up to $200,000. The first round of applications will end on April 30.

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