Simple exercises like walking can help you lose weight. Anubhav Kumar Journey:

People often get confused thinking that weight loss is only possible through hard training and going to the gym. But believe me, weight loss has more to do with diet. Exercise accelerates your weight loss progress.

So think of exercise as a tool that accelerates your weight loss. I have seen people start their weight loss journey with heavy workouts.

And if they can’t lose weight and things don’t work as they expect, they feel motivated. And this is the most common reason why most people give up on their weight loss journey.

Today I will share my journey and talk about how a simple exercise like brisk walking helped me lose weight successfully.

Walking for weight loss

Many people think that walking is not enough to lose weight. Yes, walking is not enough if you burn calories and walk a little.

If you know how to properly maintain your diet and calories, walking is more than enough for weight loss.

I lost weight just by walking briskly and sticking to my diet. Someone rightly said that weight loss is 80% and 20% exercise.

I was on a very strict diet and hardly had any cheat meals during my 4 month weight loss.

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Every morning and evening I went out for a brisk walk.

Brisk walking is something you must do powerfully. It is different from casual walking. You walk with a little extra pace and focus.

I preferred to walk alone than with my friends and family. This way I kept my pace and focused on my walking.

Walk at least 10 steps

To make my weight loss work in the right direction, I woke up early in the morning and walked 5,000 to 6,000 steps a day.

Then in the evening I repeat the same and tried to walk at least 10000+ steps a day. Then over time I started to increase the total steps and even the pace.

Thanks to a strict diet and daily brisk walking, I was able to successfully lose weight. So, if you want to let your walking help you on your weight loss journey, then get your diet right.

It is not that you will continue to eat uncontrollably, and walking will help you lose weight. Weight loss requires balance in life, be it walking, dieting, sleeping, drinking water or even resting.

If everything is correct, walking alone will help you lose weight successfully.

Go slow

When you start walking, try to increase your steps slowly. Do not try to walk too much on the first day.

For example, you can start by walking 4,000 steps for a few days, then add another 1,000 steps each week.

Over time, you will see that walking 10,000 steps a day is not a difficult task.

You can count your steps using any pedometer app or smartwatch. Tracking activities will help you get into the mindset of walking every day and sticking to your goal.

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You can add challenges to your walking goal to make your weight loss more interesting and motivating.

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