Shane Jansen calls ‘perfect match’ over ‘weird montage’

A reality star Shane Jansen Doesn’t seem too happy about a clip Netflix posted on Instagram following the end of Perfect Match.

The latest reality dating show, filmed in Panama, featured sexy singles from some of Netflix’s top reality shows, including Love Is Blind, Too Hot To Handle and The Circle.

After things didn’t work out with his fiancée, Natalie LeeLove Is Blind Season 2 traveled to Panama and gave love another shot Chloe Veitchwho was in both Too Hot To Handle and The Circle.

Needless to say, the couple called it quits shortly after leaving the villa, and it seems Shane isn’t too happy with how the show decided to portray the split in Where Are They Now? video.

‘Love Is Blind’ reality star Shane Jansen calls out Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ ‘weird editing’ after show finale

After the show ended, fans weren’t too surprised to learn that neither couple actually stayed together. Shane and Chloe almost broke up while still together in the villa, although they ended up coming third in the show’s finale.

“As soon as I met Shane on our first date, it was like he was the one,” Khloe recalls in the video. “I really don’t know what happened.”

The video then cuts to Shane, who is now sporting pigtails, saying: “It was definitely my fault the relationship didn’t work out.”

The video cuts to Khloe saying “alarm bells started ringing” before Shane added: “It’s probably best that we, you know, just give each other our space. There’s just no need to have such friendly communication at this time.”

Instagram |: Izzy Fairthorne

Although Khloé teased that she has a new man on her Instagram page, it seems that Shane is still single, but unlikely to be back in Panama if the show is renewed for a second season. In the title, Netflix specifically took aim at Chloe and Shane.

“Perfect Match SPOILER ALERT,” they wrote. “Shane and Khloe were a perfect match in our eyes on the show, but what happened to them?” Perhaps it was the caption that bothered Shane, as he wrote: But par for the course.”

“I really wish we had a chance to talk first.”

Shane Jansen from Season 2 "Love is blind"
Instagram |: Shane Jansen

The comment garnered over eight hundred likes and almost a hundred comments, with people both defending Shane and criticizing him for how he treated Khloé on the show. “I feel like your reactions and feelings are very valid, aside from what we didn’t get to see. I’m rooting for you on your journey to healing and finding love,” one fan commented.

“We want to hear from you instead.” another follower wrote: “And you will do and as you should. This is what a used car salesman screams. We both respect each other,” Shane replied, seemingly referring to his current relationship with Khloe, which appears to be non-existent at the moment.

Shane Jansen from Season 2 "Love is blind" shirtless pose
Instagram |: Shane Jansen

However, several fans noticed that Shane didn’t like how he was portrayed on “Love Is Blind.” “Why do you always complain? It’s their show to advertise however they want,” one follower commented. “Love you, but you criticize everything that is posted. lol However, that’s what you’re signing up for. So it’s a bit ironic,” another user agreed.

Shane replied. “I’m actually trying to show respect to the people who watched the show. Sincerely, I’d like to give them more.” The fan replied: “We will not sign up for reality TV. You have to be naive to think they won’t twist your actions or words for ratings,” as fans continued to take sides in the drama.

Khloe has confirmed that she and Shane have split since filming was halted

Chloe Veitch takes a selfie
Instagram |: Chloe Veitch

Khloé told PEOPLE that the two broke up after the show ended, admitting that the two “did more butting heads” than what might have been shown on screen.

“There were times when he couldn’t take it and he needed some sedation,” she said. “And I’m the number one cheerleader because I know what that is. But we butted heads quite a bit and by the end I felt like you were my perfect match.”

Chloe Veitch poses in a bikini
Instagram |: Chloe Veitch

Khloe admitted there was “some doubt in my mind from the previous argument we had,” adding that she saw “some colors I didn’t like. I really like pink. I don’t like red.” He added: “So after the show we decided not to go anymore.”

She has since hinted that she has a new man in her life and may even be engaged, but she has yet to reveal who he is. As for Shane, it looks like he’s still single.

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