Roborock introduces the S8 series to Australia

Roborock has today launched its S8 series robotic vacuum cleaners in Australia. The three devices expand the existing range while bringing new features to the market at an aggressive price point.

The S8 series uses the most powerful cleaning system we’ve ever seen on a robot vacuum on the Australian market. With the ability to maneuver around objects and maintain itself, customers can now enjoy hands-free deep cleaning like never before.

Said Jade Tang – Head of Marketing at RoborockANZ

What Roborock has done with the new devices is to deliver an evolution of long-range vacuums that take robot vacuums to a new level. The new one isn’t just for home use, as the feature set lends itself well to business workspaces; we’ll get into the specifics of each device in more detail soon.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

The top of the range devices, as you’d expect, come with all the bells and whistles. Having used several devices in the space in the past, this is the first time I’ve seen a device that I believe can come very close to eliminating the need for people to clean and the “maintenance” cleanliness of other devices.

The latest innovations in the range include a self-washing and drying mop, a self-emptying vacuum handle, a self-cleaning stand and significantly faster charging than previous generations. However, the improvements don’t stop there. Some newly designed features are highly functional.

Addressing many user issues with existing robot vacuums, Roborock has increased suction to 6,000Pa with a duoRoller feature to avoid tangles and tangles if you have long-haired pets (or people) in your home.

The cleaning system is also more efficient with the vibraRise system, which adds vibration to the system. This means that the mop is no longer just dragging the wet cloth across your floor, but actually cleaning it.

The S8 series is equipped with 3D obstacle avoidance assisted by LiDAR, which is also used for mapping and navigation. The result of this is an accurate map of your home and the ability to identify a significant number of common household obstacles, ensuring that power cables are not dragged around the house and create further clutter.

As part of the mapping process, the software will also suggest no-go zones. Areas like balconies and rooms that a car can struggle with. Note: There’s still no robot vacuum that can handle the stairs…

All this equals a cleaner home with up to 7 weeks of cleanliness without any manual intervention required by the homeowner.

The series is available through the usual retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Godfreys, Bing Lee, David Jones, Mbilecity, Robot Specialists and Roborock online. Pre-orders, including a free gift, begin April 7th through the 28th through the above retailers, with general availability beginning in May.

Unit prices are as follows:

  • S8 Pro Ultra – $2,699.00
  • S8 Plus – $1,899.00
  • S8 – $1299.00

Obviously, they’re not an impulse buy, but if you’re on the money and need some time for yourself during the week; The S8 series has plenty of features and functionality that make it worth your investment.

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