Road to the title after 8 episodes

Why was this green light in the first place?

I’m really shocked to hear that mega smash hit Power Slap. Path to rank TBS canceled after just eight episodes, according to MMA Fighting . About as shocked as one can be when I 100% predicted this more than a month ago. It’s a show where someone gets slapped and then another gets slapped. And then another unprotected open palm to the face until one of the opponents is sufficiently disoriented they cannot stand on their own. At least there’s a NASCAR strategy between all the left turns.

The first season of “The Sport” took place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, mainly because Power Slap is produced by Dana White. Power Slap will no longer air on cable, thank goodness, but White is in deep talks with streaming service Rumble to air a second season and film it in Abu Dhabi.. Hooray for the dozens of people who liked it! Basically everyone saw it counter comes in for a Power Slap, except for the Nevada Athletic Commission, which approved sanctioning the sport in the state last October. Former NAC President Stephen J. Klubek, who chaired the committee when the confirmation took place, recently told the Associated Press “I made a mistake. I’m not happy about it.”

It’s always a healthy sign to avoid America and go to the Middle East to shoot a TV show. I’ll tell you what to expect from season two. Slaps. That’s literally it. That’s all Power Slap can and will provide. Except maybe for CTE competitors? And nothing says fun like CTE.

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