RAND experts can discuss the next phase of the AUKUS partnership and the nuclear submarine deal

RAND Corporation experts are available to comment on today’s announcement of the first phase of the AUKUS partnership between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. The announcement detailed the “Pillar One” plan for the deal, which would include Australia’s purchase of US nuclear-powered submarines, the deployment of US submarines to Australia, and plans to build a new class of submarines based on common technology.

The AUKUS partnership, announced in September 2021, aims to help counter China in the Indo-Pacific region. RAND has a long history of providing analytical support to the Royal Australian Navy and Australian Shipbuilding, as well as the US and UK militaries.

RAND experts available for interviews are:

  • Paul DeLucaDirector of the Navy and Marine Forces Program at RAND’s National Security Research Division, expertise in nuclear submarine design and technology for the US Navy and the Australian Ministry of Defense
  • Andrew DawesDirector of RAND Australia
  • Barry PowellVice President, RAND National Security Research Division

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