Raise your MagSafe accessory game with ESR’s HaloLock system

From managing calendars to virtual work meetings and online shopping, the daily use of phones has skyrocketed, and with it, battery drain. Not coincidentally, the need for high-performance accessories that can keep up with everyday life has also increased. No one wants to be the guy looking for a phone in 2023 because their iPhone battery has finally died. That said, part of the appeal of Apple devices is their sleek modern aesthetic, and it’s inevitable that we want quality peripherals that not only perform well, but also look good while doing it.

The ESR HaloLock system is the most complete system of MagSafe accessories with chargers and other products that can be used at home, in the office, in the car and on the road. The range of Apple-certified products is designed to enhance your MagSafe charging experience in a way that makes the technology easier and more accessible, while maintaining the modern style of Apple devices.

Style and function in motion

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While our phones have gotten thinner, they’ve also gotten bigger thanks to larger screens. Our pockets unfortunately didn’t get the memo and haven’t kept up with the continued growth of Apple iPhones. If you carry a wallet and a separate power bank, you may notice that your pocket space runs out faster. However, ESR has the answer to this conundrum. It HaloLock Power Bank Wallet (opens in new tab) provides a 3-in-1 solution to the lack of pocket space by combining a MagSafe-certified power bank, wallet, and wallet together into one elegant, lightweight product that’s 40% thinner and 20% lighter than a stand-alone power bank and wallet.

The Power Bank Wallet connects to your device and automatically provides MagSafe’s 5000mAh charging function to your device using a series of powerful magnets. There’s no need to remove the Power Bank wallet before charging your iPhone, thanks to priority pass-through charging. Power Bank Wallet will wait until your iPhone is fully charged before it starts charging itself, so you always have maximum power on your most important device. In addition to fast charging, the Power Bank Wallet can securely hold up to two cards thanks to a dynamic tension spring with an easy-access notch, and the additional kickstand feature can be used in portrait or landscape mode. at any angle from 20 to 70 degrees.

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Admittedly, if you’re prone to losing your phone, the idea of ​​attaching a wallet to it might seem a little unnerving. ESR recently announced a solution for this as well, with the HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand, the first MagSafe wallet to pair with an Apple-certified BlueTooth Find My module built right in. can play sounds to help locate your missing device, and even supports left-behind notifications. It’s all held in place on your iPhone with 1500g of magnetic force, double that of an Apple MagSafe wallet, and backed by a comfortable grip that folds flat when not in use. The Geo Wallet Stand can securely hold up to three cards with an easy access cutout. It also serves as a fully adjustable stand, suitable for portrait and landscape modes, with 15- to 170-degree angle support. It’s Geo Wallet is now available on Kickstarter (opens in new tab)and will be widely available on the site Amazon: and: ESR website (opens in new tab) in May 2023.

Charge your devices faster

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In 2022, ESR introduced its innovative CryoBoost charging system, which used MagSafe compatibility in conjunction with phone cooling technology to encourage faster charging of iPhones even when in use. It HaloLock 3-in-1 Wireless Charger (opens in new tab) with CryoBoost allows users to charge their devices, including Apple AirPods and SmartWatches, in approximately 3 hours thanks to its easy, magnetic point-to-point charging feature. The 3-in-1 wireless charger can even be used together with the ESR’s MagSafe AirPods Pro CYBER ARMOR Hard Case (opens in new tab) which features a magnetic locking lid and shock-absorbing polymer with Air-Guard corners to protect your AirPods from drops.

Now that fast charging feature can be used on the go ESR HaloLock Wireless Car Charger with CryoBoost (opens in new tab). The wireless car charger has 18 built-in magnets and a non-slip silicone ring to keep your device safe and secure with 1400g of magnetic attachment strength. The charger has a secure fan mount that offers adjustable angles so it can be used in portrait and landscape modes, and the same CryoBoost fast charging technology as its home, which cools your phone to unlock better charging speeds, even when. the device is used.

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Both CryoBoost charging systems pair well with ESR’s MagSafe CLASSIC Kickstand Case (opens in new tab) With HaloLock technology. This scratch-resistant, acrylic-backed case never yellows and features military-grade protection with reinforced air shield corners to withstand all the abuse you regularly throw at your phone. 1500g of magnetic holding force helps ensure that even when you’re charging in your car, slamming on your brakes won’t send your iPhone flying. An adjustable zinc alloy stand can also be found around the camera guard, providing aesthetically pleasing function and protection all in one, with support for viewing angles from 15 to 85 degrees.

Elevate your MagSafe experience

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ESR’s HaloLock system provides an advanced world of MagSafe-compatible and Apple-certified products that can enhance your iPhone experience without sacrificing the aesthetics of your device. From the innovative CryoBoost technology that improves charging speed to the multi-functional security of a phone wallet, HaloLock devices can enhance the MagSafe experience in a number of ways. HaloLock products can be found here ESR website (opens in new tab) or them Amazon home page (opens in new tab).

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