Our neighbors keep calling the cops on us for being “noisy” so now I’m ruining their day with the ultimate payback

A MAN has received ultimate payback from his neighbor who he says always calls the police for being too “noisy”.

The TikToker took to social media to reveal how he got his ‘sweet revenge’ on his next door neighbour.

A TikToker has had


A TikToker has had “sweet revenge” on her neighbor who she says is calling the cops on her for being “too loud”.Credit: tiktok
He stuck his loudspeaker out the window, blaring Jack Harlow's


He stuck his loudspeaker out the window, blaring Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin’?”Credit: tiktok
The woman can be seen standing up and walking in while the music plays


The woman can be seen standing up and walking in while the music playsCredit: tiktok

The man posted a 15-second video of his comeback, which has garnered a whopping 393.5k likes and over 1,600 comments.

In the video, her neighbor can be seen relaxing on her back garden patio as she sits in the sunshine on a lounger.

The man then zooms in on the woman while showing his viewers the red speaker he is holding through the open window.

The title says: “So we have this neighbor who’s calling the police on us for being noisy.”

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“So I decided to ruin her nice day by being noisy 🙂 the payback is ab*sh,” she adds.

The TikToker then starts screaming the popular rap song, What’s Poppin by Jack Harlow, before he starts packing.

The neighbor can be seen holding the phone and a book before standing up and storming into his home.

The man wrote on TikTok: “Revenge is sweet,” but he was quickly criticized by his followers who had other opinions.

One person wrote: “It’s not nice to play loud music, man. Your neighbors have lives, and loud music is a bad distraction. Please be careful.”

One said: “Come on, people want to enjoy life there, don’t bother your neighbor.”

A third commented: “Or you can just be respectful because people don’t want to listen to your loud music all day. You’re the problem bro.”

The fourth answered: “I’m sorry, but I’m on her side. I also love silence, and being a homeowner, I expect that I can enjoy my silence both inside and outside my home.”

The TikToker is known to her 412.7k followers for posting comedy videos, relationship advice and mental health awareness.

This happens after a woman takes petty revenge on her neighbors after overhearing them talking about the color of her house.

She painted her house “a gorgeous New Orleans purple” to match her hair dye and loves the fact that it annoys her neighbors.

And one driver told how he took revenge on his neighbor, who constantly left aggressive notes on his car.

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