NRL LIVE Scores 2023: Bulldogs vs Tigers; Raiders vs. Sharks; results, start time, 3rd round news

The Bulldogs are now 12-0 after a disastrous performance by the Tigers. Adam Dweighy’s pass was not great and it was easily picked up by Paul Alamott.

He runs fast down the field and when he starts to blow, he has Josh Addo-Carr on the outside and nobody can catch Foxx.

In the box, Andrew Jones sparked the Tigers’ offense

“Well, it was a terrible game. First, Apisai Koroizau comes out of fake midfield with a real quick play on the ball, then they go wide and just throw the interception in slow motion.

“Alamoti penetrates, gives to the fox, and no one catches the fox.

“Really, really bad game there by the Tigers. Apisai Koroizau comes out in the most dangerous position to attack the false half, then they drift and guess.

Flanagan adds the extra two and the Bellmore faithful go wild.

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