Nike Supports Grizzlies Star Ja Morant After Viral IG Live Video

Nike decided to support their youngest superstar, Ja Morant, after an Instagram live video went viral. It comes just months after the corporate sneaker giant cut ties with NBA star guard Kyrie Irving. In the video, Morant fired a gun at a Denver nightclub. In the following hours, the Memphis Grizzlies suspended Morant for two games. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Wednesday that Ja Morant has been suspended eight games for conduct detrimental to the league. The suspension covers six games missed, including Wednesday night against the Heat. Morant has left Florida’s counseling program and is eligible to play Monday against the Dallas Mavericks. To conclude the NBA’s ongoing investigation, Morant met with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the matter. The meeting completed the final step in the process for Morant. Commissioner Adam Silver released a statement and said:

Jay’s behavior was irresponsible, reckless and potentially very dangerous. It also has serious implications given his huge following and influence, especially among younger fans who look up to him. He is genuinely remorseful and remorseful for his behaviour.’

The investigation included extensive reports that Morant was the subject of. Morant’s charges included threatening a mall security guard and punching a teenager during a basketball game. Despite Morant’s problematic behavior, Nike released a statement saying:

“We appreciate Jay’s accountability and that he is taking the time to get the help he needs. We support his well-being as a priority.”

Nike, which has a custom sneaker featuring Morant, received backlash from fans for supporting the Grizzlies star. A few months ago, Nike ended its partnership with NBA star Kyrie Irving. Nike failed to publicly support Irving, causing a stir in the sports world. Several NBA players have voiced their thoughts on Nike’s stance, highlighting the company’s selective morality. However, that hasn’t stopped the corporate sneaker giant from engaging in unethical business practices. Their history of human rights abuses in Asia and diametrically opposed positions with Morant-Irving highlight the lack of corporate leadership. Phil Knight was blunt “Kyrie crossed the line. It’s kind of simple. He made some statements that we simply cannot abide and that is why we ended the relationship. I was fine with that.”

Nike’s hypocrisy for not doing anything about Grizzlies star Morant proves that millions of dollars in product endorsements are more important than company values. In other words, Nike cares about millions about ethics. Nike continues to use brand partnerships to maximize their ROI. The Morant case highlights the problematic dangers corporate sneaker brands face when partnering with athletes for millions. Morant is a two-time All-Star, former Rookie of the Year and MVP. Morant is being touted as the young face of the league, and with that comes a certain sense of responsibility. As for Nike, they doubled down on their investment. Morant will have to maintain a squeaky clean image for his career.

Author: Hussain Abdullahi

Cast: Ja Morant

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