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Is this a Cloudsurfer 7 review? I think because the last model was a 6 but they removed the number because in many ways it looks like a completely redesigned shoe.

I’ve run in a bunch of On Cloud shoes over the last 11+ years and always came away with the feeling that what they labeled as “cushioned” wasn’t. That changed with Cloudmonster and again in a new form Cloudsurfer:.

This is one of the lightest everyday trainers I’ve found. On par with HOKA Mach.

I can now be part of the growing crowd of running shoe worshipers.

As you know, I’m always honest in my running shoe reviews about what I like, don’t like, and don’t like. That’s why when someone asks about On Running shoes, I always say that I think they’re good, but their everyday running shoes don’t feel great on my feet.

Now I’m logging miles on the Cloudsurfer and it’s a steady part of my running shoe rotation for easy training days.

About Cloudsurfer Review 2023

Technically, the brand is just on. But maybe you’ve noticed, like me, that just trying to search for ON or On running never got you where you wanted to go, which is why you might see them as On, On Running, or On Cloud.

There isn’t one perfect running shoe for all runners, so I’m going to share my findings. But as always I encourage you to go to a running store and install them. Run around the store and see what you think.

About Cloudsurfer details

As mentioned, there have been 6 previous versions of the Cloudsurfer, all of which previously used their standard wall design for the cushion and outsole. In this new model, they are making changes to a technology called CloudTec Phase™ foam.

And finally, kudos, it’s actually a cushioned shoe. In all my past testing, I just found the pods to be too tight and therefore never really a super comfortable ride (based on my preferences).

However, now they’ve ditched the speedometer and moved their casing, allowing for a firmer outsole.

You can see my Cloudmonster vs Cloudsurfer 7 comparison here. As mentioned, the pods don’t go all the way out, instead they have a thin layer over them. The narrow grove in the middle continues to drop weight and is not deep enough to collect stones.

cloudsurfer vs cloudmonster

One of the things I’ve always loved about On Running shoes is the style. And this one is again a home run for me on that front.

I also love how light this shoe is. It’s a great combination of comfort for everyday training, but with an energy return that can easily pass for a tempo shoe for running and fast pace.

I may have to put that as a link Best in Running Shoe at Cloudmonster. I am excited about this change in their lineup.

  • 10mm heel drop
  • 7.2 oz women’s
  • 8.6 oz for men
  • A neutral runner
  • Available in four colors
  • Not available wide
  • Available at On Running, RoadRunnerSports and retail stores for $160

Putting on the shoe first, I really felt the higher heel. I even went back to double check my notes thinking it should be more than 10mm drop. However, once I started running, that feeling completely evaporated as the cushion is really compact and rolls you forward smoothly.

As expected, the upper is a lightweight mesh with plenty of breathability. It’s also made from 100% recycled materials. This is something I really love about the shoe industry lately. We go through a lot of shoes, so let’s make them better for the environment.

With a higher heel toe drop, it’s also a good choice for those dealing with Achilles issues.

Cloudsurfer Fit:

In general, On Running shoes are slightly narrower than some brands. The toe box is rounded, but I still wouldn’t describe it as a good fit for wider feet. Rather, I’d say it’s good for an average foot size, and even for those with narrower feet, the lace gives plenty of options for a good fit.

I would say the width is similar to a range of running shoes from ASICS or Mizuno.

I like the Cloudboom Carbon Fiber shoe, but it’s so small that I have to go up a full size for more than a mile or two of use.

The tongue is stuffed. breathable and comfortable. Interestingly, they removed the padding on the Cloudmonster to reduce weight, but this shoe manages to be lighter. Definitely attributed to the midsole and cushion change.

cloudsurfer review

I found these shoes to be quite comfortable on most easy marathon training runs.

I could probably wear them up to the half marathon distance, but right now they remain my 6-8 mile shoe of choice. They are light enough to make a great 5K or 10K shoe also for the average runner.

I use a heel lock lace on 90% of my running shoes and these have enough laces to make it easy.

Bonus: I really like the look of Cloundsurfer. It’s not really a convenience or a feature, but I feel it’s important. All of On’s shoes have a really classic feel, which is probably due to the Swiss design that they think is really important.

What you need to know about running shoes

On started in 2010 in Switzerland when yet another runner thought “I could do it better”.

This time, it was three retired professional athletes who decided that there needed to be a shoe that had a stronger shoe that bounced off the ground, along with cushioning.

On uses CloudTec technology, which makes their shoe look and feel different.

The pods (or clouds) compress both horizontally and vertically and then rapidly expand, helping to lift you off the ground faster.

And actually those clouds are different sizes based on the shoe and the purpose of that shoe.

on the clouds

Is it like running on clouds?

No. Not cloudy in that fluffy way.

So for me, no…not like a cloud at all. And it’s not all bad.

In my Running Shoes review, I go over all the reasons the beanie design benefits and why other runners love them to begin with. So check that out if you are interested to know more.

Okay, so that brings us to how they take that design and move forward. Now they call it CloudTec Phase, which uses “wave technology”. This midsole still uses its Helion™ super foam, but there’s a noticeable difference in the way it collapses to create softness and propulsion.

Disadvantages of running shoes

As mentioned, every runner has their own preference, so here are just a few things from my experience.

  • They are not ideal for those with high arches or high mid-feet
  • Most On Cloud shoes are narrow and the toe box is not wide (they have started making special wide models).
  • Rocks stuck between the shells make them less than ideal on trails or gravel runs.
  • These shoes don’t stretch much, I don’t like them in the rain

I found the carbon fiber shoe small but otherwise I found them to run true to size.

Check out this shoe finder! to help find the right size and that the shoe is comparable to the shoe you’ve been running in.

See current colors and prices on all models >>:

Well, I hope this Cloudsurfer review has given you some information to help you decide on a shoe. If there’s more you’d like to see in a review, let me know.

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