Nantz signs during his final NCAA Tournament appearance

After his 37th March Madness, Nantz signed off with a heartfelt, grateful farewell.

“One thing I’ve learned through all of this is that everyone has a dream. Everyone has a story,” Nantz said during the UConn celebration highlights. “Just try to find that story, please.”

Analyst Bill Raftery complimented Nantz before the veteran broadcaster concluded with a message of appreciation.

“To you, everyone in the college game, our CBS family, my family, all the viewers, thank you for being my friend,” Nantz said, audibly excited.

However, this is not the end of Nantz’s broadcasting career. He is still the No. 1 golf announcer for CBS and will anchor coverage of the Masters this weekend.

Nantz also signed a long-term contract to continue playing football games alongside Tony Romo. In November, he said that he is not close to retirement. he was just switching to “Pat Summerall’s” schedule.

“Pat anchored the NFL game and he anchored golf and he did it for a long time and he was brilliant,” Nantz said.

It’s just that Nantz just wants to spend time with his kids, not the youngsters in the NCAA Tournament.

Nantz started working at the tournament in 1986 and became the main announcer back in 1991. Next year, he will be replaced by Ian Eagle, who has only been working in the tournament since 1998.

It made sense that this was Nantes’ last year. The Final Four was in Houston, home of Nantz’s alma mater. It’s also an odd year, meaning the alternate broadcast landed on CBS instead of TBS.

And it was won by UConn, a program that won five titles during Nantz’s signal-calling career, tied for the most in the Nantz era with Duke.

He won’t make any more games, but Nantz came off with a brilliant moment.

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