Make it faster!

This month, we’ve got productivity hacks you can start using right away. Meanwhile, your team is out there wondering how you get so much done in one day.

Work quietly with Do Not Disturb

Deadline looming? Are you recording a video? Go offline and go into deep concentration mode for as long as you need.

Select Do Not Disturb in your profile and choose how long you want to be an introvert.

Call Hold Options

How about finishing this right now, the easy way?

Wait for the call until you know who needs to be patched.

From call waiting, you can now both transfer the call and start a conference with others.

Mark to call

Oops, sorry, I must have been on the wrong number. It doesn’t have to be you anymore. Eliminate manual assembly and let the app do the work for you.

Now that you’re in NextivaONE, you can simply drag your mouse to highlight a phone number and press hotkeys (command + shift + D on Mac and control + shift + D on Windows) and NextivaONE will automatically will dial that number. .

This was just a pinch of what we’ve been up to. To see what you can do now, check out our Product Updates page.

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