Make a logo for a company online

A recognizable logo is a key element of a company’s image. A well-designed sigil and logo will inspire confidence and be memorable to customers. Many business owners use the services of computer graphic designers who have been trained using professional logo design software. Others prefer to cut costs by choosing an AI logo generator online. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? Which logo maker is best for beginners? Let’s explore the software that will allow you to create a simple, attractive logo.

Online Logo Design – How to do it?

You can find many websites for logo design on the internet. Creating a design with their help is free. However, they usually require fees to download high-resolution graphics or use certain icons and designs. This is a small amount compared to what you would have to pay for a graphic designer service or a professional software license. This is a good solution for those who do not plan to create regular graphics and want to get an interesting logo at the lowest possible price. Here are the main advantages of online logo creators:

  • database of ready-made templates and graphics;
  • no need to install software;
  • intuitive, simple operation;
  • Free download of low resolution logo without watermark.

Every online logo maker has the same drawback. We will not create a unique design in it. We will use ready-made elements that other users have access to. So another company may have a similar logo. The more editing options the wizard offers, the better the chance to create something unique.

AI Logo Maker Turbologo is one of the most popular tools for creating logos and promotional materials on the Internet. Its advantage is the huge number of free images, turbos and backgrounds that can be freely combined. The software also allows you to upload your graphics and videos. With the help of free elements, you can create an interesting and minimalistic logo, business card or social media graphics.

Logo Maker

Another free logo maker is Logo Maker. It contains business card templates and many symbols that can become the basis of a logo. They are grouped into many categories. it’s easy to find an image relevant to your industry. In addition to ready-made graphics, you can upload your own. A wide selection of fonts makes it easy to design a neat logo. Before downloading the files, you need to select the logo application. This will optimize the graphic for print, social media or advertising.

Logo garden

Logo Garden works just like the previous creators. This online logo maker also has many symbols divided into convenient categories. However, they are monochromatic, which limits the design options. The number of fonts to choose from is huge. Logo Garden can work well if you have a very small budget.


Today, there is no need to hire graphic designers to make a logo. You can do this online using special tools, such as the Turbologo logo generator. Such tools allow you to create an artificial intelligence logo in seconds, which will stand out among competitors, attracting a huge number of customers.

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