Join hands to support the existence and bright future of the wild horses of the Salt River

Peekaboo said he is Salt River’s newest wild horse. Because our humane fertility control program is so effective, this is a very special baby. Welcome home to the Tonto National Forest, where you can grow wild and free for all of Arizona to see.

After a long winter and lots of rain, it’s the most beautiful spring in the Tonto National Forest, so how fitting that the name of the sea he was given at birth is Spring.

As many of you already know, the Salt River Herd is humanely managed by the State of Arizona through AZDA and our own Salt River Wild Horse Management Group. We are funded solely by YOU, the public, which is amazing because you, the public, helped maintain them too.

Tonto National Forest is also a collaborative partner in their humane management, so you see, it can be done in a humane way, which is what we need to set the standard to stop the inhumane gathering and horrible treatment of thousands and thousands of people. American wild horses.

Wild horses of the Salt River

Our happy news is that the future is bright for this little foal and he has now reached 2 weeks old, at which time we want to introduce them to the world.

Born of the mare Spring and the stallion Lindor, her bloodline is new and very genetically diverse. Dad Lindor (also known by his nickname, Keith Urban) is a striking liver chestnut with a bright orange mane. (She is pictured behind her first son.) Neither mom nor dad have had foals before.

A few darts in the rear saved Spring from having a very small foal and she is now 4 years old. She is doing very well as a first time mother and there are also 2 experienced senior mares in the group to help her.

Spring is the only daughter of Winter who is the daughter of Summer. Yes, we name everyone at birth and try to keep naming them with a theme so we can quickly remember their origins. However, naming this one may be a bigger quest, as the name Ashun has already been taken by one of the other offspring of great-grandmother Amara. So we are out of seasons and the solstice and equinox have also already been taken by the other Wild Horses of the Salt River born around this same time of year.

Dad Lindor is the son of Cholla/Godiva and his father is Robin who disappeared and died of old age last year. It’s nice that his DNA lives on. There is literally 0% unique interest in this precious colt.

We selected this mare to foal. No, we didn’t. We know that we shouldn’t stock mares on purpose because there will always be a few that will get pregnant earlier than their annual birth control shot. Counting back, Spring got pregnant 8 months after her 3rd booster (which is her 4th arrow). This is interesting to us, and it shows that the 4 darts do not make a sterile pirate by any means, as his defenses didn’t even last the whole year. We are just happy that her first 4 shots worked so that she doesn’t have a young pregnancy which is very risky.

This foal is a good size for a filly and she is growing at a good rate as well disproving some of the speculation about pzp having a negative effect on foals which is just fake news. These rumors have no basis in 35 years of research. If PZP had an adverse effect, we would immediately switch to another form of fertility control. However, our real-life documentation of over 80 foals whose mothers received pzp during pregnancy showed no adverse effects.

The real danger to the new foal and his group is human interference. People, even well-intentioned people, can really disrupt a group where sometimes they can no longer relax without people around. We want to urge the public to give this kid band some extra room and space to grow stronger without having to deal with people trying to pet him. If you see him and his group, please back up and respect their space and everyone’s well-being.

In the meantime, you can help us out by suggesting names from which we’ll pick the top 3 that haven’t already been taken, and then vote between those 3 picks. The theme could be anything spring-related or something chocolate-related from Father Lindor’s bloodline. Or we could deviate from the two entirely and give it a memorable name for officials who help protect wild horses.

Wild horse and hurricane season is upon us in Arizona

We would like to thank the public for your support, to which this new colt owes its existence and its bright future.

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