Inside the upcoming WSJ shakeup

Emma Tucker

Lachlan Cartwright The Daily Beast writes about the expected upheaval at The Wall Street Journal under a new editor-in-chief Emma Tucker.

Cartwright writes: “In a message to about 30 staffers in the San Francisco bureau last Tuesday, Tucker indicated he was not impressed. Magazine’s audience data and began a thorough content review to understand which stories were being read and how, multiple attendees told us. Under Tucker mode, expect to see fewer live blogs in favor of broader news and analysis.

“What’s more, sources told us, Tucker intends to cut back on the paper’s laborious and time-consuming internal red tape needed to publish front-page stories, which is frustrating for reporters. Magazinethey tell us.

“Before Sunday Times editor was asked by staff at the meeting about the layoff rumors, and while his answer was “vague,” Tucker said he hopes the layoffs will be delayed for a few months before he moves on to the gig. Such murmurs come as Magazine Confider has learned that it quietly offers buyouts to employees with 35 or more years of service. Tucker was also grilled by the variety and said he thinks it Magazine he’s doing a better job than his previous employer.”

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