iMetaWear launches haptic shirt for VR and the metaverse

By Frances Marcelin March 13, 2023

Taiwan’s ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) has developed a haptic shirt for immersive VR and metaverse fitness experiences.

It’s called iMetaWear, and each shirt has ten haptic points and four electrodes

According to ITRI, the electrodes are screen-printed into the somatosensory garment, so there is no need for adhesive electrodes.

Roger Cheng, Vice President of ITRI said HCM: that the iMetaWear shirt offers an “unmatched level of immersion”

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has developed a haptic shirt that can enhance VR and sports and fitness metaverse experiences with sensory feedback on the body.

Called “iMetaWear”, it is designed to give the user a more immersive gameplay through bodily sensations that make the scenario more real. For example, during VR boxing, the user can feel the blows of the opponent in different parts of the body. However, the shirt may have value in other areas and uses such as physical therapy.

Equipped with ten haptic points and four sets of electrodes, when combined, they provide 24 combinations of force and speed. Image recognition technology recognizes movement and generates electrical currents inside the shirt to create a sensation of impact where the virtual version has been applied.

According to the government-funded research center, the dry, washable, fabric-based electrodes are “screen-printed into somatosensory clothing,” eliminating the need for adhesive electrodes. The desk box, which attaches at waist level and includes a rechargeable battery as a power source, magnetically attaches to the connection points of the shirt. Because it can be detached, the shirt can also go through the washing machine just like regular clothing.

“iMetaWear is a cutting-edge smart wearable technology that is revolutionizing the virtual sports experience, offering users an unparalleled level of immersion,” said Roger Cheng, ITRI’s vice president and general manager of the Service Systems Technology Center. HCM:.

“We are proud to showcase iMetaWear as a shining example of ITRI’s innovative thinking and technological advancements, and we look forward to exploring its potential applications in areas such as rehabilitation and physical therapy.”

According to Deloitte’s latest 2023 marketing report, interest in the metaverse is growing rapidly. After surveying more than a thousand marketing executives, it is said that most of the industry will gravitate towards metaversion in the next two years.

ITRI ​​said HCM: that the shirt was developed for B2B purposes and would reach the market through technology transfer or licensing the technology to a manufacturer who would then sell to consumers.

“The possibilities are endless with iMetaWear,” Cheng added.

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