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Marketing Podcast with Joey Coleman

Joy Coleman, guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
In this episode of the Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Joey Coleman. He helps companies retain their customers. He is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author Never lose a customer again, an award-winning speaker and works with organizations around the world, from small startups to large brands. His “First 100 Days” methodology drives remarkable customer experiences and dramatically improves their bottom line.

His new book, Never Lose an Employee Again.

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Shockingly, nearly half of new hires quit before the 100-day anniversary, which is devastating to a business – operationally, economically, and emotionally. To make the experience remarkable, companies need to focus on the employee journey from day one on the job. A new employee’s first-day experience should be welcoming and inclusive, and companies should assign someone to be responsible for the entire journey, from the time the employee hears about the business until they’re up and running a hundred days later. By doing so, retention numbers can be significantly improved.

It’s important to build meaningful relationships with people in our organization to connect with them and understand that their personal lives are just as important as their professional lives and can have an impact on how they develop in the workplace. The main goal is to know that we have people who work for our company and celebrate them for their humanity, not their product.

Questions I Ask Joey Coleman:

  • [02:42] What is the real cost of employee turnover?
  • [04:04] People talk about this crazy buyer and seller market. We’re kind of in the market for an employee, aren’t we?
  • [05:47] How did you organize employee travel in this book?
  • [11:05] What are some fun things that we’ll come across as real intentional actions that companies can take?
  • [11:56] Where do you fall on the need for long-term advertising and short-term advertising?
  • [16:11] After the first 100 days, how do you make it more fun to keep people?
  • [17:53] I can hear some listeners going there, well, it’s not my job to know about your employee’s life after they leave the office, what can you say about that?
  • [20:39] How do you acknowledge that you have this great culture that you’ve built and make sure that the people who are your customers experience that?

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