How to use a pressure cooker? a tutorial for beginners

One of the things that makes life easier in the kitchen is the pressure cooker. With it, you can cook some recipes in less time than with a traditional crock pot. But while it has many benefits, it’s important to know how it works so you can get the most out of it. I followed the steps in this guide to find out how to use a pressure cooker at home.

You will need the following:

How to use a pressure cooker step by step?

You won’t need many items to use a pressure cooker for proper cooking, but the following steps should be followed carefully:

1. Add food and water to the pot

Try to add enough water to cook the food properly.

2. Remove the safety valve and close the lid

Place the pot on the burner and turn the heat to high. The boiler will begin to turn the water into steam.

3. Wait for the cooker to pressurize and start cooking

This will happen when steam starts to come out of the grill and the pressure regulator starts to vibrate. Then you need to install the safety valve on the outlet.

If you have a newer pressure cooker, there are markings on the valve that indicate the pressure level inside the cooker.

4. I reduced the heat of the burner

The idea is that the pot doesn’t make a hissing sound. Maintain this pressure throughout the cooking process. A safety valve will prevent the pressure from increasing more than necessary, which could break the boiler.

5. Switch off the flame when the food is cooked

At this point, you should be guided by the estimated time of the recipe you are cooking.

6. It is necessary to lower the pressure in the boiler

You can follow three different ways. let it release over time (10 to 15 minutes); use the quick release button (most older boilers have it); or run the pot under cold water (if your pot is electric, skip this method).

7. Make sure the pressure is released

Move the pressure regulator, and if it does not make a sound, then the pressure is completely released (on newer models, you need to move the steam valve). Finally, carefully remove the cover.

With the previous seven steps, you already know how to use a pressure cooker. If you also want to know how to treat a boil, we recommend that you read our complete guide, How to treat a basket? Step by step guide.

How to clean a pressure cooker?

Now that you know how to use a pressure cooker, we’ll tell you how to keep it clean and keep it as good as new.

  1. Let it soak after use. That way, the residue won’t harden, making it easier to remove later.

  2. Apply detergent and clean with a sponge. Try to use a detergent that removes dirt easily. We recommend it at Cleanipedia Cif Bio Activewhose new formula lasts longer, guaranteeing long-lasting foam, so you can wash much more dishes with less product.

  3. Use a rag to dry it properly. In this way, you will eliminate the ugly lime and water stains that remain after cleaning it.

  4. Use water and baking soda to remove burnt food. Fill the pot with this combination and let the mixture rest for several hours until it softens.

If you follow these four steps, you will have no problem knowing how to properly clean your pressure cooker. For more questions, you can read our how-to post to clean burnt pots.

How to use a pressure cooker? lock

The main element you need to look at in a pressure cooker is its vent. Therefore, we give you some tips so that you can take care of it properly:

  • To properly clean the valve, disassemble the boiler and clean the valve (chimney and rotor) separately. This way you will reach all its corners much better.

  • Flush the valve frequently to avoid clogging and check its condition before each use.

  • Try not to fill the pot with food or liquids to its maximum capacity, as the valve may become blocked.

  • Remember to reduce the heat to medium once the valve has risen.

  • Do not open the boiler until the valve is lowered.

  • Always use the valve to ensure that the pressure does not build up. This point is important, because otherwise the boiler may break due to high pressure.

Always remember these tips to use the pressure cooker and its valve properly. If you have questions about pressure cookers and want to solve some problems related to frying pans, we recommend that you read our how-to guide to cure the pan and clean it thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Use a Pressure Cooker

What is a pressure cooker and how does it work?

A pressure cooker is a type of cooker that is made to have a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure, allowing temperatures above 100 °C to be reached. In this way, the food is cooked in much less time than in a traditional pot. The only drawback is that you have to be careful that the pressure is controlled with the valve, because if it gets too high, it can cause an accident.

How to use a pressure cooker?

You must follow these seven steps. first add the food and enough water to bring it to a boil; second, remove the safety valve and cover the boiler; third, wait for the pressure regulator to start vibrating and turn on the valve again; fourth, reduce the heat of the burner; fifth, turn off the heat when the food is cooked; and sixth, release the pressure in the boiler and open it.

How do I know when to turn off the pressure cooker?

The reality is that the type of recipe you make will define it for you. What you should always do, yes or no, is turn off the flame and allow the pressure to gradually release from the pot to avoid any kind of problem with it (minimum 10 to 20 minutes).

What happens if I don’t put the valve on the pressure cooker?

If you don’t put the valve, there can be an accident, because the pressure in the boiler increases with the heat, and if it doesn’t have the safety valve, it can even explode. It is also very important that when removing the valve, you are careful to do so slowly, allowing the pressure to release for 10 to 20 minutes.

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