How to remove Skiza Tune from your phone

Skiza ringtones are a popular way to personalize your phone and add a little fun to your calls. However, if you no longer care about your current Skiza ringtone, or if you want to switch to a different one, it’s easy to remove it from your phone.

There are two ways to remove Skiza melody.

Remove Skiza Tune via SMS

To remove the Skiza ringtone via SMS, simply send the following text message to 811:

DELETE <Skiza tune code>

For example, to remove the Skiza tune with code 500001, you would send the following text message:

DELETE 500001

Remove Skiza Tune via USSD

You can also remove Skiza ringtone via USSD.

  1. Dial *811#
  2. Select the “Manage my tune” option
  3. Select the Skiza Tune option
  4. Select the tune you want to remove.
  5. Finally, select the Delete option.

Once you remove a Skiza ringtone, it will no longer play when you receive a call. If you change your mind and want to add the tune again, you can do so by following the same instructions.

Here are some frequently asked questions about removing Skiza tunes:

How much does it cost to remove a Skiza tune?

Skiza tune removal is free.

What happens if I remove the Skiza tune I’m currently using?

If you remove the Skiza ringtone you are currently using, it will no longer play when you receive a call. You can always add the tune again by following the instructions above.

What if I forget my Skiza tune code?

If you forget your Skiza tune code, you can remove it by following the instructions above. When you get to the step where you are asked to enter the code, simply select the “I forgot my code” option. You will then be asked to enter your phone number and your Skiza tune code will be sent to you via SMS.

I’m having trouble removing my Skiza tune. What can I do?

If you are having trouble removing your Skiza ringtone, you can contact Safaricom Customer Service for assistance.

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